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Exiled coach Josh McDaniels keeps hearing it from all sides, and now a former player tells a story regarding McDaniels’ wife

The hits just keep on coming for former Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels, as one of his former players now alleges he traded a star player because his wife thought the superstar was attractive.

Josh McDaniels as Raiders coach | SCREENSHOT: NFL/youtube

The embattled play caller has never been the darling of anyone in the NFL, but since his firing last week by Las Vegas, he’s hearing a lot of chatter from his fellow co-workers. Not long after his termination, reports surfaced that a closed-doot meeting he held prior to his exit degenerated into the team turning on him.

Then, the team responded to his departure by blowing out the New York Giants, 30-7, on Sunday behind interim coach Antonio Pearce. It almost seemed like a different team draped in Siler & Black with McDaniels’s departure.

Now, a story has popped up about Josh McDaniels’ tenure in Denver that involves one of his former stars and the notion that McDaniels’ wife might have her eye on him.

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One of his former players, Nate Jackson, a former Broncos tight end, wrote an article shedding light on his time playing for McDaniels in 2009. The former player-turned-author says that it doesn’t surprise him that his former coach struggled as a leader.

According to Jackson, Josh McDaniels orchestrated the trade of then-Broncos running back Peyton Hillis to Cleveland because he was afraid that his wife was attracted to Hillis. The running back would go on to have the greatest year of his career with the Browns and is probably best known for being on the cover of the season’s Madden NFL video game.

Jackson wrote: “McDaniels’s ego wasn’t just a delicate flower on the field. He famously sent packing Peyton Hillis because word had it, McDaniels thought his wife had a thing for the guy.”

It’s doubtful that Josh McDaniels will be on the coaching radar for an NFL team anytime soon unless the New England Patriots get sentimental about bringing him back. As for Vegas? They will begin a full coaching search in the offseason – unless Antonio Pearce somehow manages to win the job before the year is over.


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