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Golfing icon Phil Mickelson is taking his time to help Mark Baldwin, a hopeful looking to earn a spot on the PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson established his place in the annals of golf history a long time ago. Between his titles and his talent, he will go down as one of the very best to ever swing a stick on the PGA Tour. But now – at least in the mind of one aspiring pro golfer – he will go down as a legend in terms of his coolness factor, as well.

Phil Mickelson talks to the media | SCREENSHOT: PGA Tour/youtube

That’s because Lefty spent the weekend working with and tutoring fellow golfer Mark Baldwin, a New Hampshire course junkie who has been playing in pro events regularly for 16 years on everything from the Canada Tour to the Korn Ferry. His pursuit of a PGA Tour card has been documented as part of a YouTube series called ‘The Grind‘.

Baldwin’s story is akin to holding on to the dream of going from Triple-A Ball to the Major Leagues, and it became something every scratcher and hacker in the world could relate to. So much so, that PGA follower, Ryan French, owner of  @acaseofthegolf1 on X, sent word to Phil Mickelson to let him know of Baldwin’s story

Phil didn’t just respond to the message. He sent one of his own: He was willing to help Baldwin, and that started with some one-on-one coursework with Baldwin… A dream come true for any aspiring athlete looking to follow in the footsteps of one of the game’s greatest players.

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“They played a 9-hole match last night,” French wrote on X.

“Phil invited him to his house this morning to help w[ith his] short game and now they are playing an 18-hole match. Amazing of Phil. One of the best players of our time helping a guy get ready for 2nd stage. Truly unreal.”

French also made sure to point out that Phil Mickelson did with the best of intentions, and not merely to try and play the ‘nice guy’ role.

Mark Baldwin | SCREENSHOT: The Fire Pit Collective/youtube

“For the “he did it for PR” (which I know is a small minority) crowd,” French added. “I just talked with @markbaldwin1 and Phil worked with him from 8am until dark. Hundreds of balls, 18 holes, and more practice after.”

“Not a single camera around. Just a legend helping out a guy trying to make it.”


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