Rihanna | SCREENSHOT: musicvideomadness/youtube

Global pop sensation Rihanna has received criticism from those on the left-wing side of politics for her business relationship with the athletic wear brand, PUMA, because the company supports the Israel Football Association.

Rihanna – Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show | SCREENSHOT: NFL/youtube

Rihanna announced her partnership with the brand in September, with the alignment giving birth to a new Avanti shoe in conjunction with her Fenty fashion brand. She alerted her fans to the news on her Instagram page.

In the announcement, she revealed that her new “Creeper Phatty” line of shoes, which will be available on November 30.

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Unfortunately for the ‘Umbrella’ singer, that partnership has raised a lot of pro-Hamas groups and other protestors who have taken a hard stance in Israel’s response to the attack that occurred on October 7th.

Someone who claims to be close to Rihanna was quoted as saying that she is neutral in the engagement and that her partnership with PUMA is not a political statement in any way. Instead, the source said she is “pro-peace” – despite the fact that she posted a pro-Palestinian tweet that she eventually deleted.

“She doesn’t want innocent people dying,” the source stated.