Yankees GM Brian Cashman Answers Critics: “I Think We’re Pretty F***ing Good”

With the New York Yankees coming off an underwhelming season, their top personnel executive fires back at the media

Yankees GM Brian Cashman | SCREENSHOT: New York Post sports/youtube

With the New York Yankees coming off an underwhelming season, their top personnel executive fires back at the media

Brian Cashman showed up at the MLB general managers meeting with a lot on his mind, and he decided to unload it all. When pressed on his team’s lack of success in 2023 (and some of the moves he made), the Yankees GM was at no loss for words – some of them even colorful.

Yankee Stadium – Opening Day 2023 | SCREENSHOT: highfivefilms/youtube

The Yankees are coming off a 2023 campaign that saw them finish 82-80, a whopping 19 games behind the AL East Champion Baltimore Orioles. It was the worst finish for the Bronx Bombers since 1992.

With the club’s massive payroll, they are the prototype of a dynasty and baseball’s most decorated franchise ever. So, the finishing out of playoff contention is not acceptable.

When pressed by the media about what went wrong with the Yankees in 2023, Cashman was more than happy to defend not only the moves he made but the organization as a whole. He notably defended his deals for slugger Joey Gallo and starting pitcher Sonny Gray. Both deals didn’t work out too well in what turned out to be a flat Yankees season.

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“I’m proud of our people and proud of our process,” Cashman told the media, in what turned out to be an impromptu press conference, “It doesn’t mean we’re firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t mean we’re the best in class. But I think we’re pretty f*****g good, personally. I’m proud of our people.”

Cashman touched on some aspects of how the team conducts their personnel operations and made sure to throw in a few more F-bombs along the way. In the end, he said the club was focusing more on next year, and getting closer to the 99-win total that they achieved in 2022 – when they made it all the ALCS.

“Whatever I say or whatever we say as a franchise right now is not going to appease anybody,” Cashman concluded. “It’s about what we’re going to do to improve the roster and our situation going into the 2024 season. It’s all about 2024 now.”


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