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Arch Manning | SCREENSHOT: Nonstop/youtubeCredit: Nonstop on YouTube

Texas freshman Arch Manning is keeping two family traditions alive – playing football, and making tons of money

Texas quarterback Arch Manning has said that he loves college and is in no hurry to go to the NFL, and there are a few million reasons why. According to multiple reports, the next generation of Mannings is already breaking the bank without ever throwing a pro pass.

Texas QB Arch Manning | SCREENSHOT: ESPN/youtube

Because of his Name, Image, and Likeness earnings, at least one observer believes that Arch Manning makes more – or is at least comparable to – some starting quarterbacks in the National Football League.

So, essentially, this is a kid who has barely been on the field beyond high school making NFL money. If you think about it, Manning is already making the same kind of cash as guys who were being recruited out of high school, while he was being potty-trained.

His NIL earnings estimate is at $3.2 million this season, according to a post recently by Chris Law

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The Irony Of An Amateur

“Arch Manning made over $3.2 Million in NIL money this year as the Texas Longhorns’ backup” Long wrote. “QB Brock Purdy, the QB of the No.1 seed and the NFL’s odds on MVP favorite made $870,000 for the 2023 season.”

There are around a dozen quarterbacks who have been making less money than what Arch Manning is believed to be valued at in 2023 to not even play. It has made his time in college almost as enriching as his pro career will be. Someday, but not now.

Arch Manning, the grandson of Archie, and nephew of fellow QBs Peyton and Eli, played in 2023, but on a very limited basis. He made his Longhorns debut on November 24, during the third quarter of a win against Texas Tech, completing 2-of-5 passing attempts for 30 yards


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