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Call it a sign of the times – today’s existential moral panic comes by way of former not-that-great racer Danica Patrick, who attended a conservative political conference for students.

Racing Her Way To Controversy

The beautiful Wisconsinite has found herself offending people for no reason for quite some time now. The first was for merely sitting her posterior inside an IndyCar.

The second was for the seemingly endless hype despite her seeming inability to actually win any races.

Then (and this one might just be for Wisconsinites) she broke up Aaron Rodgers and the First Lady of Green Bay, Olivia Munn – perhaps her greatest crime up until this point.

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All these offenses against the body politic are nothing compared to her latest crime: going to a TurningPointUSA event with her little sister.

For those who actually enjoy their lives and don’t sign up for unnecessary punishment, TurningPointUSA is a conservative political group for students.

In a normal country, the fact that a grown woman had her own ideas about politics wouldn’t normally bat an eye, but this is no longer a normal country.

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Boo Hiss Cancel

No, this offense had people spitting mad.

“Lost my support I kinda liked you till now what a joke” said one user who is obviously not a fan, since Patrick retired from racing years ago.

“Damn…unfollowed. Surprised that you are on that side” and “I had no idea you were like that. That’s disappointing” seem to be common sentiments, though I would bet all of Patrick’s career winnings that neither complainer could explain “that side” or “like that.”

“Wow, another person disconnected from reality. 😔” seems to be another common refrain.

On the other hand, there are also lots of supporters, with comments along these lines: “Way to go Danica for having your own opinion and not letting these liberals cry babies 😭 make it for you. Love you in nascar and now love you more keep it up”

At the end of the day, Danica asked for it. Americans are no longer a people, but instead various camps of enemies ready to strike at the slightest break from whatever orthodoxy our institutions are currently foisting on the country.

But here at the Bounding Babes Beat, we aren’t bigots. You do you, Danica.

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