Oregon State Jonathan Smith
Former OSU coach Jonathan Smith | SCREENSHOT: Beavers Edge/youtube

Following his recent departure from Oregon State, some of former football coach Jonathan Smith’s official Beavers gear turned up at Goodwill

The Oregon State Beavers and former head football coach apparently won’t be exchanging any pleasantries anytime soon, following the coach’s recent departure from the University. At least, according to a rather humorous photo recently posted on Snapchat.

Smith, a former quarterback for OSU from 1998-2001, returned in 2018 to become the team’s head coach. He was a former Fiesta Bowl MVP, and he was considered a perfect fit.

He had great success for a program that had been struggling, finishing 8-4 during a grueling season in 2023. And late in the year, questions began to arise about his long-term future with the Beavs. That all came to fruition two weeks ago when Smith took the head coaching job at Michigan State. into a bigger job.

There must have been a bad taste left in someone’s mouth because not long after, a shot of Jonathan Smith Oregon State-issued team gear was found tucked away on a rack at a Goodwill in a Corvallis.

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How the apparel got there is anyone’s guess. But it will certainly be interesting to see what the response would be if Smith ever returned to town to coach against the Beavers.

Smith, 44, enters a Michigan State program that finished 4-8 in 2023. Previously, he had been named the 2022 Pac-12 Co-Coach of the Year at Oregon State.


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