Riley Gaines, a former NCAA star swimmer at Kentucky, celebrated her acting debut in the comedy Lady Ballers, with a post on X showing pictures of her attending Thursday night's premier.
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Riley Gaines, a former NCAA star swimmer at Kentucky, celebrated her acting debut in the comedy Lady Ballers, with a post on X showing pictures of her attending Thursday night’s premier.

Riley Gaines at CPAC
Riley Gaines speaks at CPAC via The Independent YouTube

Gaines, a staunch advocate for maintaining integrity in women’s sports, says the movie which pokes fun at transgender athletes feels “more like a documentary than a parody.”

“We got the to see the premier of Lady Ballers tonight, and let me tell you, it’s going to trigger all the right people,” she wrote.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see the film (and my acting debut),” she said along with a pair of images in which she and her colleagues look absolutely stunning.

The movie debuts to the public Friday at 8 pm Eastern.

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Lady Ballers Movie Triggering the Right People

It’s clear that Lady Ballers – a comedy first for the Daily Wire media company – intends to pull no punches with this effort. The name itself, along with the title logo, is a clear indication.

“In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed, The Daily Wire calls foul with the most triggering comedy of the year,” the film’s description reads.

“A once-great coach is on a hilarious journey back to victory by reuniting his former high school championship basketball team, but this time, he’s challenging them to play like girls.”

The Daily Wire responded to Riley Gaines’ post thanking her “for standing up for what’s right” and being in the film.

Other advocates for women and girls’ sports appear in the movie, including Outkick founder Clay Travis, Daily Wire alums Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro, and even Senator Ted Cruz.

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She’s Right – It’s Triggering People

As for Riley Gaines’ prediction that the film Lady Ballers will ‘trigger all the right people’ – she appears to be correct.

Out Magazine wasted no time in including the word “transphobia” in their subheading and called what they had viewed so far “the worst thing we’ve ever seen.”

If that’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen it’s because they haven’t been in a locker room with Lia Thomas – you know, like Gaines has.

Out Magazine continued to pan the movie Lady Ballers, more based on their inability to find anything remotely amusing about the absurdity of men pretending to be women to gain a competitive advantage in sports.

“It takes the false idea that anywhere at any time a cis man can claim he is a woman and enter any women’s sporting event,” they state about the film. “But the fun doesn’t stop there. It goes even further, saying that when cis men do that, they become unstoppable forces on the field.”

The magazine also humorlessly stated it is a “well-known fact that Right Wingers cannot make good art and don’t have a sense of humor.”

Bruh, one of the lines in the movie according to IMDB is this gem: “That’s the biggest d*** I’ve ever seen on a lady.”

Comedy gold, Jerry.

I mean, if heterophobes had their way you’d never be able to watch reruns of the comedy Bosom Buddies which helped launch the iconic career of actor Tom Hanks.

The movie White Chicks? The Hot Chick? None of those are funny anymore.

By the way, Out Magazine’s review is based solely on the trailer for Lady Ballers. They didn’t have the balls to wait and watch the actual movie before shredding it.

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Gaines once told Fox News host Harris Faulkner a story about a race she competed in with Lia Thomas, the biological male who made a mockery of NCAA women’s swimming.

The blonde bombshell explained that this particular race ended in a tie and, as there was only one trophy to give, had to watch as Thomas was awarded for “photo purposes.”

“When this NCAA official reduced everything that I had worked my entire life for – every girl at that meet had worked their entire life for – down to a photo op for a [biological] male, that’s when I knew I had had enough,” she said.

The incident prompted Gaines to become a vocal advocate in support of women’s sports.

Gaines’ advocacy for women’s sports has sometimes come at a price with unhinged mobs protesting her for daring to object to biological males competing against their female counterparts.

Bounding Into Sports reporter Remso Martinez covered an incident this past April in which Gaines said she “feared for my life” after an unruly crowd stormed her speaking engagement and one protester allegedly assaulted her.

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