Noah Gragson To Drive For Stewart-Haas Racing In 2024 via Stewart-Haas Racing YouTube, screenshot

After narrowly managing to save his career, NASCAR driver Noah Gragson will be returning to the track this upcoming season after going through corporate brainwashing sensitivity training after simply “liking” a politically incorrect meme related to known criminal George Floyd, whose death sparked a series of violent race riots throughout the nation in 2020.

Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

Noah Gragson Is Baaaaack… Sorta

It was announced this past week that Noah Gragson will now be driving the No. 10 Ford in the upcoming Cup Series with Stewart-Haas Racing. For now, he understands however that he’s under a larger microscope as his critics will attempt to divert his career off track once again.

“I was like ‘Man, what’s going on? Like, is this real? Why is this happening?'” Gragson said to a reporter with The Associated Press.

“He said ‘Hey buddy, I’m going to tell you this because you’re like a little brother to me, but it’s time you grow up and it’s time you take accountability and you allow yourself to take this opportunity to work on yourself and self reflect.’”

Noah Gragson via Skewcar YouTube

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During his suspension, Gragson was forced to go through NASCAR’s politically correct sensitivity training (let’s not forget this was the same league which had an internship exclusively for non-whites) and meet with a company-provided psychologist.

If you’ve read Orwell’s ‘1984‘ you can predict how things went.

“It has brought a tremendous amount of self-awareness to myself, self-reflection, and ultimately it opened my eyes to the world and showed me I was a pretty selfish guy,” said Gragson. “I’ve learned to pay more attention, be more present, enjoy the people I’m with. This has really been a rude awakening of all the work I needed to do on myself.”

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The Meme That Sparked a Breakup

Noah Gragson had parted ways with Legacy Motor Club last summer, with the team subsequently announcing John Hunter Nemechek as the new driver for the No. 42 car. Gragson’s first season in the Cup series saw him rank 33rd without any top-10 finishes.

The controversy surrounding Gragson began when he “liked” a meme related to George Floyd, leading to his suspension by both NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club.

He requested his release from the contract amid plans to start NASCAR’s sensitivity training. In response to his departure, Legacy Motor Club appointed former Le Mans champion Mike Rockenfeller as his temporary replacement.

The situation stirred reactions among NASCAR fans, many of whom perceived Gragson’s suspension as an infringement on free speech and threatened to boycott NASCAR in support of Gragson.

Legacy Motor Club’s CEO, Cal Wells III, recognized the challenging nature of the situation while also acknowledging Gragson’s talent and potential. Gragson’s return to NASCAR has sparked various opinions, inviting public discussion on social media.