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An overturned call by the refs during a close loss to the Indiana Pacers has Celtics star Jaylen Brown crying foul

Jaylen Brown went up for a game-winning shot against the Indiana Pacers when it appeared he was hit on the head by Buddy Hield. The foul could have turned the tide of the game, but after further review, officials waved the call off. The result of that reversal saw Brown’s Celtics fall to Indy, 133-131.

Celtics star Jaylen Brown | SCREENSHOT: PookyBuddy/YouTube

Brown Blows A Gasket

Jaylen Brown’s 40 points led the Celtics who were playing without the injured Jayson Tatum. But after the somewhat ‘unique’ decision in the closing seconds, Brown was fuming, saying the refs had essentially cost the Celtics the game.

“I think he obviously hit me in the head,” Brown said following the game. “We definitely need to do some investigation. That’s all I’m gonna say. I think that was an obvious one. I’ve never heard of ‘head part of the ball.’ It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“That cost our team the game. You expect us not to be frustrated? We’re trying to build good habits. We’re trying to win as many games as possible. We just dropped one because of that, so I feel like we have the right to be upset.”

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Will The NBA Give The Play Even Further Review?

“The league should understand,” Brown asserted. “Of course, we’re going to say something about it after the game. So I don’t think there should be any fines, but I definitely think that one should be investigated.”

Despite his barking about the game’s climax, the NBA isn’t expected to take any major action regarding the call aside from the standard review process.

In the meantime, Jaylen Brown and the Celtics can’t be stinging too much from the close loss. They currently sit in first place in the Eastern Conference at 28-8. They will host the Western Conference-leading Minnesota Timberwolves (25-10) on Wednesday night.


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