FANDUEL TV host Kay Adams was beside herself as one of her guests not only predicted one of the NFL's favorites won't win the Super Bowl this year, but they won't even make it out of the first weekend of playoff action.
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FANDUEL TV host Kay Adams was beside herself as her guest not only predicted one of the NFL’s betting favorites won’t win the Super Bowl this year, but they won’t even make it out of the first weekend of playoff action. Retired Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan predicted the Dallas Cowboys, 7.5 point favorites in their home game Sunday, will lose to the Green Bay Packers.

Kay Adams is distraught over prediction of a Dallas Cowboys loss – Screenshot: Bleacher Report Video

Guest Of Kay Adams Calls His Shot – Dallas Cowboys Will Lose

Lewan, a three-time Pro Bowler for the Titans, provided a dramatic prediction that the Dallas Cowboys, who fought desperately to get home-field advantage as a vastly different (meaning worse) team on the road, will lose right out of the gate.

“I have a lot of respect for Dak [Prescott], all those guys. I think it’s a lot of great players on the Dallas Cowboys—a lot of talented individuals,” Lewan said. “However, I will be going to the courthouse and filing for divorce from the Dallas Cowboys.”

His assessment was met by an exasperated Kay Adams who mouthed then repeated, “Oh my God.”

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As it states in my bio, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. And you might think I’d like to rip Lewan a new one for his prediction and disrespect for ‘Dem Boys.’

But having lived through the eras of Tony Romo and Jason Garrett, Cowboys fans have seen their team lose games they should have won time and again. And not only lose games but lose them in fashions that Hollywood scriptwriters would reject as being too far-fetched or unbelievable.

Romo’s fumble of a snap on a FG attempt against Seattle during a 2006 NFC Wild Card Game. Dez Bryant’s non-catch catch against the Packers. Not to mention the number of times Romo in his career tossed a pick-six on a screen to the only player in the vicinity wearing a different color jersey to lose a game in the closing minutes. The Cabo scandal. And on and on.

As such, I fully understand Lewan’s prediction. If Dallas were to lose, it’d most likely be in some fashion that would make the Hindenburg crash seem less dramatic.

“I just don’t see them winning a Super Bowl this year. I think they actually lose to the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love’s team going into this game,” Lewan said. “For me, I’m going to have to get out of this relationship. I will take my 50 percent.”

I know plenty of Cowboys fans who wish they got out of the relationship a long, long time ago.

Let’s look at the following X social media sports fan who says the only way the Packers can beat the Cowboys is if Dallas “(beat) themselves via penalties, bad play-calling, and lack of 🔥 on both sides of the ball.”

Which pretty much describes every final game of their season for the last 28 years. Cowboys players are oftentimes magicians, turning 3rd and 3 plays into 3rd and 8s or 3rd and 13s in the blink of an eye.

Still, I’m holding out hope that they do something rarely seen out of a Cowboys team since the ’90s – win, and win against a team they’re expected to beat.

Prediction: Dallas 35, Green Bay 24.

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