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At International Fight Week this year, UFC’s Michael Chandler will face MMA legend Conor McGregor.

This is a bout that has been teased for nearly a year, but Chandler has now confirmed that it’s happening on June 29th.

Chandler said on his YouTube channel, “I can confirm, that’s exactly what I’ve heard as well. Obviously, him announcing it makes it a little bit more true. You’ve got to remember, the UFC has not announced this yet. Also, if I take you back to February of 2023, while he, the UFC, myself, we were all in talks about The Ultimate Fighter, Conor came out and put a long tweet out about The Ultimate Fighter and how he was going to do The Ultimate Fighter.”

Chandler Says He Might End McGregor’s Career

“So Conor, in typical Conor fashion — Conor being Conor — wanted to break the news himself about The Ultimate Fighter, then it was confirmed and the UFC put it out there,” he added.

“It looks like that scenario has happened again. June 29, International Fight Week, me versus Conor,” Chandler said.

MMA Fighting reports:

The one thing Chandler is not sure about is the weight class. McGregor declared the fight will be contested at 185 pounds, delivering that unexpected news with a bit of a laugh. Immediately, fans speculated about why McGregor would want to fight at 185 pounds when the majority of his career has been at 145 and 155 pounds…

For his part, Chandler isn’t concerned with that. He just wants to finally settle his business with McGregor and worry about everything else later.

“It’s going to be a big card, it’s going to be fun, and I finish Conor within the first two rounds and after that, probably end his career,” Chandler said.

‘I Want to Break That Man’s Will’

Chandler added, “There’s just so much more than what people think about on the surface level. I want battlegrounds of epic proportions, I want to stand in the cage with that man, I want to break that man’s will, I want to break his jaw, I want to separate him from consciousness, completely flatline him inside the octagon, and then we say farewell to the sport’s biggest star.”

“Then we can go about our merry way,” he said.

This is likely to be a fight of epic proportions.

If careers are ended, Michael Chandler already told you so.

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