Former NFL reporter Michelle Tafoya slammed Jimmy Kimmel for his "predictable" rant about Aaron Rodgers on his late-night show.
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Former NFL reporter Michelle Tafoya slammed Jimmy Kimmel for his “predictable” rant about Aaron Rodgers on his late-night show. Tafoya particularly took umbrage with Kimmel’s sneering disdain for Rodgers’ intellect, mocking the New York Jets quarterback for having attended community college and of course linking the controversy back to the comedian’s muse, former President Donald Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel in his natural state – confused. Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video

Michele Tafoya Rakes Jimmy Kimmel Over The Coals

For those who’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, here’s a quick recap of the Jimmy Kimmel/Aaron Rodgers saga:

  • Kimmel took several shots over Rodgers for discussing the Jeffrey Epstein list, calling him a “tin foil hatter” rendered stupid from multiple concussions.
  • Rodgers joked that maybe Kimmel is worried about the list being released, something Bounding Into Sports concluded was likely a quip about the late-night host’s jabs at him on the matter and not an insinuation he is actually on the list.
  • Kimmel privately sobbed uncontrollably over being made fun of. (We’re just guessing on this part, but it seems likely).
  • Kimmel whined on social media that he was going to sue.
  • Kimmel gave a monologue further cementing the fact that he lacks a backbone and can’t take the heat. He mocked the future Hall of Famer for going to community college and somehow linked Trump into the conversation.

Michele Tafoya noted that Kimmel’s response was rather “predictable” and took aim at the faux comedian’s barbs about Rodgers’ intelligence.

Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s smarter than you and everyone else, including Aaron Rodgers. Jimmy Kimmel thinks that because he and Aaron Rodgers disagree about stuff, that he is smarter than Aaron Rodgers, and Aaron Rodgers is somehow dumb, because Aaron Rodgers went to community college for two years… So to make that connection is so snobbish. To suggest that Aaron is stupid because he didn’t graduate Cal, it’s just this elitism. It’s the ‘I’m smart because I’m a liberal, and you’re dumb…’

– Michele Tafoya

It’s also worth noting that Kimmel is a college dropout, making Rodgers’ community college and two years at Cal before entering the NFL draft infinitely more impressive than the talk show host’s collegiate career.

Jimmy spent a year at UNLV before transferring to Arizona State where he dropped out and pursued a career in radio. He got himself an honorary degree from UNLV which, in his mind, allows him to be a pompous jackass to other people.

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Tafoya then hammered Kimmel for getting infected with a strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She argued that Kimmel’s monologue was an example of the disconnect in America, where people with differing opinions often belittle each other.

Michele pointed out that Kimmel managed to bring up Trump in his rant, which she found unnecessary and indicative of the need to always connect things to the former President.

Indeed, Jimmy tied Trump into his response by claiming – as most comedians do – that they are immune from criticism because they’re just joking.

“And as far as the you say things about people all the time argument goes, it’s not the same. It’s not even close to the same,” Kimmel said.

“We say a lot of things on this show. We don’t make up lies. In fact, we have a team of people who work very hard to sift through facts and reputable sources before I make a joke. And that’s an important distinction. A joke about someone. Even when that someone is Donald Trump, even a person who lies from the minute he wakes up until the minute he’s smearing orange makeup on his MyPillow.” 

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“He couldn’t finish his rant about Aaron Rodgers without somehow tying it to Trump,” Tafoya said. “This need to always come back to Trump. You can start talking about astrophysics, and you eventually get back to Trump,” she said. 

“How is this possible? Why does this happen? You can’t just stay on message with your one point? You have to bring it back to Trump,” she continued “It’s a weird freaking time in America – that’s putting it mildly… It’s a little loony to me, Jimmy, that you started with Aaron Rodgers and Epstein Island, and you got back to Trump…”

She called Kimmel’s response “predictable” and “damaging.”

Jimmy often mocks people for their intelligence despite not possessing any himself. And it usually involves athletes, which seems particularly driven by jealousy being the fragile little man that he is.

He mocked former Dallas Cowboys running back Herschel Walker as too dumb to understand basic math and labeled him “unintelligible.”

And, of course, he made a career of constantly portraying NBA legend Karl Malone as an illiterate while wearing blackface to get the point across.

Kimmel did multiple skits in which he mocked the Dream Teamer by donning blackface and proceeding to butcher the English language in an attempt to portray ‘The Mailman’ as ignorant.

In one skit Kimmel as Malone talks “about white people getting deducted by alien.”

He mocks the intelligence of other knowing he himself is a college dropout. Bruh is the definition of the pot calling the kettle ignorant.

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