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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin | SCREENSHOT: All Steelers Talk/YouTubeCredit: All Steelers Talk

After the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the Buffalo Bills to end their season, Coach Mike Tomlin walked away when asked about his contract

The Steelers saw their season come crashing down this weekend, as they were eliminated by Buffalo, 31-17, in the first round of the NFL Playoffs. After the contest, Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about his future with the team. His response? Head for the exit in silence.

Mike Tomlin | SCREENSHOT: NFL Films/YouTube

Tomlin Doesn’t Want To Talk

Tomlin, who has been the Steel City leader since replacing the legendary Bill Cowher in 2007, led the squad to a Super Bowl XXXVII victory and has a stellar career record of 173-100-2 (.633 winning percentage). He’s generally considered one of the best coaches in the game for nearly two decades now.

However, following the season-ending loss, Mike Tomlin was asked about his future with the Steelers beyond 2024. He has one year remaining on his current contract, and there is some conjecture on whether or not his era in Pittsburgh is about to come to an end.

When a reporter pressed him on what the future held, Tomlin’s response was not a response at all. He merely walked away without answering.

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Are The Steelers Starting Over?

The Steelers (10-7, 3rd in the NFC North in 2023) have a lot of questions heading into next season – particularly at quarterback, where Kenny Pickett hasn’t been the answer and Mason Rudolph might just be a quick fix.

Mike Tomlin just wrapped his 17th season with the Steelers, the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL, now that Bill Belichick has stepped away from the New England Patriots. He’s won seven division titles along with his one Lombardi Trophy, and he’s a fairly beloved figure in Pittsburgh. So, it’s doubtful that the team would pull the plug on him. Especially coming off a 10-win season and a playoff appearance – however brief it was.

In the end? Tomlin, 51, may also want to step away on his own accord. But with only one year remaining on his deal? You can bet the media won’t take silence for an answer too much longer when it comes to what happens next for the Steelers.


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