alyssa milano donations
Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0

Sports fans are regularly incensed when their billionaire-owned home teams demand taxpayer dollars for things like new stadiums or renovations. A similar thing happened to leftwing Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano after she begged for donations for her son’s baseball team.

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I’ll Gladly Pay a Millionaire Today

There are a few obvious problems with someone so obviously well-to-do begging strangers for money on the internet. (At least its not OnlyFans!)

First, Milano is a Hollywood actress. She has made megabucks in her career. At least according to a quick Google search, she lives in the tony environs of Bell Canyon, California – a gated community nestled in the Simi Hills. She’s got money!

Second, since it’s a kid’s baseball team, these are other local people. They all have money, or they wouldn’t live in Bell Canyon or it’s surrounding neighborhoods.

Third, she’s not even asking her neighbors (though admittedly, she likely has in other venues), she’s asking strangers on the internet.

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For those who are unaware, Milano cultivated a huge cult following for her far-left antics during the Trump administration. So she’s asking regular Janes and Joes to pony up for a bunch of rich kids. Please.

Fourth, Milano’s tweet says the funds would be used for a trip to Cooperstown. So it’s just a trip! It can’t be that expensive, moneybags.

Lastly, the GoFundMe she links to doesn’t even mention a trip to Cooperstown. It says the funds are necessary “in order to compete.” What?

As of this writing, the fundraiser sits at a paltry $7,811. Sounds like I’m not the only one who is skeptical of millionaires holding their hands out. Milano protected her Tweet, so only a few donating sycophants are able to comment. At least some are happy with her!