MMA star Jake Shields criticized the Edmonton Oilers' use of 'pride' tape during their game against the Seattle Kraken last week.
Screenshot: Samuel Charwick MMA YouTube Video

MMA star Jake Shields criticized the Edmonton Oilers’ use of ‘pride’ tape during their game against the Seattle Kraken last week. Well, honestly, he criticized hockey as a whole in responding to video of the team gearing up for their contest with rainbow-colored tape.

Edmonton Oilers are proud – Screenshot: Edmonton Oilers X Video

The Oilers Show Off Their ‘Pride’ Tape

The Oilers players took part in a video montage in which they wrapped their sticks in rainbow-colored tape to show support for the Alphabet Mafia LGBT community.

Edmonton has been using the pride tape forever now, boasting of being the first team in the NHL to use it. They feel very strongly about it.

As such, they posted the video to their X account, slowed down the footage to make it look like their players were super-serious and intense by having rainbow-colored tape, and added just about the worst music they could find.

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Jake Shields – Not A Fan

The Oilers had to be feeling pretty good about their ‘pride’ tape. Right up until the moment Jake Shields decided to walk in and basically squash the tape, the team, and the sport in general.

“Hockey is gay as fuck,” he responded on social media.

Yikes. That’s certainly one approach. Gotta love these MMA guys speaking their minds and giving zero effs about the repercussions.

The NHL initially banned the use of ‘pride’ tape because, oh I don’t know, sports leagues used to have standards with their equipment and uniforms and they didn’t give a rip about pet social projects of the moment.

There used to be a modicum of professionalism. Now, it’s ‘who can we placate today?’

Jackie Robinson and Arthur Ashe made an impact on all our lives by simply being themselves. They didn’t have to wear BLM t-shirts or use rainbow-colored grip tape on their bat or racket.

But, as with most things, the LGBT community complained until the NHL eventually caved in. Now you have videos like the one above that are sad and pathetic means to appease a small number of obnoxious voices.

They’re also marketing tools. No doubt rainbow-themed uniforms and equipment will now be sold as ‘limited edition.’ Anything for a buck.