Wander Franco
Wander Franco | SCREENSHOT: clipkingdom/youtube

Disgraced Tampa Bay Rays player Wander Franco has been nabbed by authorities in the Dominican Republic and is facing a multitude of serious charges

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco has been apprehended by authorities in the Dominican following multiple allegations of inappropriate relationships with minors. Now? One of the victim’s mothers has been implicated in what is continuing to become a more and more disgusting turn of events.

Wander Franco | SCREENSHOT: Home Run Clips/youtube

Franco, 22, was put on the MLB’s administrative list in August 2023 following the allegations becoming public. An ongoing investigation resulted in the player being held in the Dominican Republic.

However, Wander Franco recently skipped a mandated meeting with prosecutors, which left law enforcement scrambling to locate the player.

Now, the Associated Press has reported, “Dominican prosecutors on Wednesday accused Wander Franco of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering.” Franco’s arrest was a result of not appearing for a court summon.

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However, a major turn of events in the case may have sealed Wander Franco’s fate. It’s now believed that he paid at least one of the victims’ mothers for inappropriate access to the minor.

Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic shared that the 22-year-old Franco paid the minor’s mother in the Dominican Republic to maintain his relationship. Now, the mother is facing charges of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering. 

Wander Franco signed an 11-year, $182 million contract extension with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2021. The Rays continue to pay him amid the ongoing investigations.