Some members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are whining about how Green Bay Packers players were all up in their grill and leaving them "on the verge of tears" after scoring touchdowns.
Public Image; Jensen Merrill Instagram Post

Aside from leaving Dallas Cowboys players and fans on the verge of tears by obliterating the team in their wild-card game this past weekend, 48-32, some members of their world-famous cheerleading squad are whining about how Green Bay Packers players were all up in their grill and leaving them “on the verge of tears” after scoring touchdowns.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Darian Lassiter – Public Image: Darian Lassiter Instagram

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Cry Foul

Darian Lassiter, who is listed as being in her fourth year with the Cowboys cheerleading team on their official site, posted a video to TikTok where she said the Packers players were rude and disrespectful. Like, more rude and disrespectful than they were to the Cowboys’ defense.

“Y’all, the Cowboys versus Packers game last Sunday, I have never experienced such disrespect from the other team’s players to the cheerleaders in my five years as an NFL cheerleader,” she said. “Like, we would literally be minding our own business and the Packers just scored a touchdown – this is just one example. They would come up to us standing on the sidelines, minding our own business, and start yelling at us.”

Wait a minute, football players were yelling excitedly after scoring a touchdown? Get out! No really, get out.

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Lassiter claimed that the players were pretty much getting directly in her face, something she described as “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

“It’s so crazy how they can’t do that to the Cowboys players or any other players, but they can do it to the cheerleaders, and nothing’s going to happen,” Lassiter said.

To be fair, the Cowboys spent most of the game watching Packer players from behind, trying to catch them but with their view constantly obscured by a trail of dust they were left eating.

To bolster the claims, fellow Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Jensen Merrill joined in the conversation and said the Packers almost made her cry.

“Literally was on the verge of tears,” Merrill, who is in her third season, chimed in.

I mean, I don’t even know where to go with this. Sure, if the Packers players were getting in the personal space of these ladies and acting aggressively, then yea, we don’t want to see that. Let’s hope the organization gets to the bottom of this and launches an investigation.

That said, is there any video evidence of that aggression? Is it any more egregious than any other game in the NFL? And are we seriously asserting that the Packers wouldn’t be brave enough to do the same thing to the Cowboys players?

Green Bay beat them every which way. So hard that some of the players probably would have preferred to don a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit so they could avoid getting beaten any worse.

The Pack take on the 49ers and their cheerleaders Saturday night. They are currently 9.5-point underdogs.

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