Carolina owner David Tepper
Carolina owner Davis Tepper (right) | SCREENSHOT: NFL Rumors on XCredit: NFL Rumors on X

Panthers owner David Tepper shows off just how frustrating a year it’s been in Carolina by allegedly hurling a beverage at a fan this past weekend

Just about everything that could go wrong this year for the Carolina Panthers has. After gambling on top overall pick and potential franchise QB Bryce Young, the season has fallen flat. The rookie passer has had an up-and-down debut, and the team is poised to finish with the NFL’s worst record in 2023 – and no first round draft pick to show for it.

Panthers QB Bryce Young
Panthers rookie QB Bryce Young | SCREENSHOT: LK2Goated/YouTubeCredit: LK2Goated on YouTube

Team Owner and… Beverage Dispenser?

Perhaps all that negativity is what got under team owner David Tepper’s skin when he appeared to have a meltdown this weekend. In a video posted on X by NFL Rumors, it looks like the Carolina kingpin may have aimed the remnants of his drink at an unruly Jacksonville Jaguars fan. The incident came in the wake of the 26-0 dismantling of the Cats on New Year’s Eve.

In the video, a disgusted Tepper looks like he gave the Jags fan a ‘Here’s to your mother’ send off.

“Carolina Panthers Owner Dave Tepper through (sic) a drink at a Jacksonville Jaguars fan during their loss today,” the post read.

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A Pitiful Season For The Panthers

The Panthers (2-14) have floundered in the first year with Bryce Young under center. While the rookie has shown flashes of greatness from time to time, he’s been marred by inconsistent play and not a lot of support around him. Carolina is last in the NFL in total offense and they’re averaging a paltry 14.8 points per game.

As far as David Tepper’s actions are concerned? The NFL has said they are “aware” of the incident. However, it’s not clear yet whether or not his drink toss is actionable under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

The Panthers have not released a statement regarding the incident.


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