Learn how Conor McGregor is getting involved in Irish politics and encouraging citizens to vote against proposed constitutional changes.
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Conor McGregor is taking a big stance in the upcoming Irish local elections.

The UFC megastar is asking his countrymen to vote a certain way on Irish constitutional referendums.

Sportskeeda reported, “Two bills to amend the constitution of Ireland will be put to referendums on March 8, 2024. Irish citizens will be asked to vote for a change in the Constitution to provide a broader concept of family and women’s societal role.”

“McGregor has been taking an active interest in Irish politics in the past year and was also backed by tech billionaire Elon Musk for the Irish presidency,” the outlet noted. “The Notorious’ opined on the upcoming vote and asked his followers to vote no to both bills.”

Conor McGregor: ‘Vote NO and NO’

“Vote NO and NO in this election, Ireland. Here is the thing, we all smell a rat. F**k me and f**k you too, if you are that way inclined. I don’t care,” McGregor wrote on X. “This is a NO/NO vote. Default position alone at this time is if they say yes, we say no. Point blank. After that we can figure it out. ‘Yes’ there is just too much off about it. ‘No’ it is what it is.”

McGregor added language about the traditional significance of a woman in Ireland’s Constitution.

“We will still read and have the great word ‘woman’ in our constitution! A woman made us all! They can do everything they are saying they can do now, but are not doing it,” McGregor wrote. “They are dangling a ‘vote yes and we will look after you’ type of a promise. F**k off, look after us now. Like you can. Like you don’t. I smell a rat. Vote NO / NO. March 8th.”

McGregor has seemed to become increasingly interested in politics, even teasing possibly running for president of Ireland at the end of last year.

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Elon Musk even offered his support.

Does UFC and MMA legend Conor McGregor have a future in politics?

Stay tuned.