Witness the chaos at UFC Fight Night 237 in Mexico City as a massive brawl erupts in the stands. Watch as fans trade haymakers and sucker punches in this intense footage.
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UFC Fight Night 237 in Mexico City produced some big punches inside the octagon, but the most brutal knockout took place in the crowd.

Video captured the wild scene as a massive brawl broke out in the stands at the UFC event on Saturday. Several fans can be seen grabbing each other by their shirts as haymakers start flying.

One man was knocked down hard by a vicious sucker punch after he appeared to believe the encounter had ended and he turned towards another man who wasn’t quite through with him yet.

Dana White – UFC Brawl Seemed Like It Went On Forever

Yikes. Watching that guy go limp after the punch and then wobble around getting back up was brutal. It’s the kind of action you’d expect to see at a UFC fight, just maybe not in the cheap seats.

UFC President Dana White called out security at the event for seemingly not stepping in to stop the fight which went on for several minutes.

“The crazy thing about that fight [is], when that fight broke out, it felt like it kept going forever,” White told reporters. “I ran over there, and I was watching it. Nobody stopped it. I was waiting for security to come in. They just let them go until it was over. That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.”

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White defended the organization and said the brawl at the event doesn’t reflect poorly on UFC.

“It happened and that was the end of that. I think after everybody else saw that shit, nobody else wanted to try that again,” he explained. “No security. The fight just went on until the fight was over. I’ve never seen any shit like that in my life. Crazy.”

It’s unclear who started the fight or why tempers were flaring, but White has a point that this kind of thing “never” happens at UFC events despite the charged-up atmosphere on fight night.

Is there a security issue going on at sporting events of late? Bounding Into Sports covered an incident at the Australian Open earlier this year in which fans had to take care of business themselves.

It’s a little unnerving knowing that you can attend a sporting event, perhaps with your kids in tow, and if something goes down security is nowhere to be found.

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