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What would you rather watch: the NBA or the WNBA? Just kidding, no one has ever watched the WNBA. But to the point, would you rather watch a male main UFC card or a female one? If you said the male one, female UFC star Raquel Pennington says you are entitled to your opinion.

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Pennington is Pissed

As a quick refresher, Outkick grabbed the transcript of one of Strickland’s funnier rants – his hatred of female sports. Here’s what he said just a few weeks ago:

“Here’s the thing guys. WNBA, let’s just be honest, I’m not gonna be offensive when I say this. WNBA, NBA. Who watches what? Who makes more money? Women’s MMA, sure, have women’s MMA. Have it a f*cking thing. I don’t like to watch it. I don’t think most people like to watch it. If the females in MMA were to separate from male MMA, no one is gonna watch this sh*t. No one wants to watch this sh*t. It is what it is, man. I don’t know what to f*cking tell you, dude. F*cking, it is what it is. Why is that a bad…Like, again, do you want to watch a f*cking sports car race a f*cking Honda Civic? No, you wanna watch a f*cking sports car. There is a vast difference between men and women. Like, if you take this weak little f*cking Canadian sitting next to you. He could probably beat up f*cking Raquel Pennington. The fact of the matter is any one of you f*cks could probably beat our co-main event in a fight. And now, I’m not saying you can’t sit there and f*cking enjoy it, but I don’t wanna go see f*cking two little f*cking cats fight. I wanna see lions fight.”

It really is what it is, for the most part.

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There are obviously fantastic lady fighters out there, and ones who are famously fun to watch, like Ronda Rousey in the day. But given their ‘druthers, most people would watch a Ngannou fight over pretty much any combination of female fighters.

Pennington disagrees, though to be fair, Strickland did specifically call her out by name. Here’s how she responded:

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In part, Pennington said, “You know, I just think it was disgusting on his part to even be concerned about us as human beings and our lifestyle, and just the comments he was making. And you know, at the end of the day, MMA has grown a ton. The women are here. We’re here to stay. The divisions are growing. You have tons of up-and-coming talent. Like, so, to criticize female athletes, I don’t agree with any of that.”

The latter is definitely true. But it’s not mutually exclusive to what Strickland said, either.

The man made headlines on another matter recently, when he said, “Government is taking men’s nuts away.”

Now if there’s anything for certain, we know it’s over and there won’t be a flood of female UFC fighters getting in on the action. Right?

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