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Wrestling fans have been wanting to see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson face his cousin, current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, for years in WWE.

Just not this year.

‘Finish the Story’

Cody Rhodes, son of legend Dusty Rhodes, almost beat Reigns last year at WrestleMania, winning the title his father never won.

Ever since, WWE has teased that Cody will finally “finish the story.” Likely at this year’s WrestleMania.

On Friday, that was all taken away.

Sports Illustrated reports, “WWE advertised a face-to-face segment with back-to-back Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the February 2nd edition of SmackDown. While many believed this would set the stage for the highly anticipated rematch between Rhodes and Reigns at WrestleMania 40, the WWE Universe was thrown a curve ball.”

The story continued:

Instead of announcing he’ll be choosing to challenge Roman to headline WWE’s biggest PLE event of 2024, Cody stepped aside for Dwayne Johnson. Now, the stage is set for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns as the marquee match of WrestleMania 40, which means another delay in Cody’s quest to, “Finish the story.”

In his first social media post after SmackDown, The Rock showed support for UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo. The two had a touching moment last year when Gorimbo got a chance to meet Johnson, who was fascinated by his story.


“WWE fans weren’t exactly feeling the love, however. Many of them commented on the post, blasting The Rock, who turns 52 years old this May, for taking the shine off Cody Rhodes,” I noted.

The backlash against The Rock continues with so many fans demanding to have Rhodes included again in the main event at WWE’s biggest event.

The hashtag #WeWantCody was a top trend on social media throughout the weekend.

What WWE does next is anyone’s guess. But don’t expect their fans to keep quiet.