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Paige Spiranac is one of the hottest golf influencers on social media today. She has roughly 11 million followers across all platforms currently.

It’s easy to see why – So long as you can see.

Spiranac is a stunning professional golfer known for her incredible talent on the course coupled with her captivating beauty. A charming smile and an alluring physique have earned her a massive following and admiration from fans around the world.

Paige’s undeniable magnetism is a result of her confidence, athleticism, and personality, making her an icon in the world of golf and beyond.

Here are the top 10 times Paige has nearly set your screen on fire with her social media posts.

Adhering To The Dress Code

Indicating she is always willing to comply with golf course dress codes, Paige posted this image of her being sure to wear a collared shirt on the links.

If you noticed the collar, there’s something wrong with you.

Taking Her Seriously

Paige Spiranac took a jab at those who don’t take her seriously on the golf course. Or those who don’t take women golfers seriously in general.

“How people think I play,” she joked.

“How do I even hold this thing?” Spiranac asks facetiously.

It’s at that point where we’d all like to offer her some tips of our own.

Don’t Get Mad

Paige can be quite a tease sometimes. No more so than this Christmastime post, complete with a big red bow and a very disappointing ending.

“You’re not good enough at golf to get mad,” the video is captioned.

We’re good enough at seeing to get mad though, Paige. Why’s it got to be like that?

How To Golf With Boobs

Spiranac offered some fresh advice for all the ladies out there who want to perfect their swing while embracing their natural assets.

“I get this question a lot. Yes, playing golf with boobs is hard,” she said. “The key is all in the setup! Try to get the left arm over the left and tuck the right arm.”

“You’re welcome,” she concluded.

Yes, thank you, Paige!

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Getting Cheeky

Paige wonders what your preference is for pin placement on long putts.

“Do you like to leave the pin in or pull out?” she asks.

Looking like that? I’m guessing a lot of us would feign confusion and ask for the pin to be pulled, then ask for it back in. Rinse and repeat.

Simply Stunning

At one point, Spiranac asked her followers what kind of content they would like to see from her. It wasn’t a video of her in exceptionally revealing clothing. It wasn’t a call to ‘#FreeTheCleavage’, as she often declares.

No, it was just a simple image. Simply stunning.

Paige makes everything look so, so good.

Paige Spiranac In The Simulator

Not all of her posts are on the golf course. Sometimes, Paige dips indoors to rip drives on the simulator.

“Most people forget I’m a scratch golfer,” she wrote.

When one guy offered to give her advice on hip technique, Spiranac ratioed him into oblivion.

“I don’t take golf advice from guys I can outdrive,” she replied.

Hello, police. We’d like to report a murder.

God Bless America!

When Ryder Cup play was approaching, Paige gave us all a patriotic show with a backdrop of beautiful spacious skies and a heavy focus on her own mountain Majesties.

If this doesn’t make you want to stand up and sing America The Beautiful, you probably don’t have a pulse.

Got Balls?

Not sure who brought an ironclaw bathtub on the golf course and filled it up with Titleists, but we’d like to thank them.

“Got balls?” Spiranac asks while sitting in the tub.

We wish we didn’t. We wish the tub was empty, to be honest.

Golf Goals

Paige wants to know what her fans have set as their goals on the golf course.

“What’s one golf goal you have for this year?” she asked.

That’s an easy one. Keep watching your videos!

There’s no denying Paige Spiranac is great at golf and great looking on the links. It’s a combination that makes her fans keep coming back for more.

Let’s play a round some time, Paige!

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