Screenshots: Antonio Brown and One Bite Pizza Reviews

Former Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown has made it abundantly clear that he views many white people on this planet as ‘crackers.’

And now, he’s somehow managed to get his hands on the ability to generate AI images.

As such, the combination resulted in a recent X post in which he provided followers with an image of saltines typing away at their computers.

He captioned it: “Dave Portnoy and his minions writing articles to defend TB.”

TB, of course, is not a reference to the bacterial disease but rather, Brown’s old quarterback when he played in the NFL, Tom Brady.

Dave Portnoy Responds To Antonio Brown

It’s unclear just what may have raised the ire of Antonio Brown, but Barstool did just run a column about Brady running a faster 40-time than he did 24 years ago.

Barstool said it was proof Brady “is not of this Earth.”

But Brown has had plenty of animosity towards Brady over the years, some of it legit, most of it a figment of his tiny imagination, so who knows what might have set him off this time?

Portnoy responded to AB’s post by conceding it is pretty amusing.

“Funny is funny,” he wrote, sharing the image on X.

Jerry Thornton, the man behind the Barstool column about Brady’s ‘otherworldly’ speed, cracked his own joke back at Antonio Brown.

“I’m the minion you’re referring to,” he replied. “Can you tell us where the bad man TB12 hurt you?”


Honestly, there probably isn’t a doll big enough for Brown to point out all the ways he’s been hurt by others – most of it in his own mind.

Oh wait, here’s the doll that has hurt Antonio the most throughout his career.

Don’t take it personally, Barstool boys. Brown even called Santa Claus a “fat cracker” this past Christmas.

That was after the notoriously behind-on-child support man suggested he would take care of his kids on Christmas, not some mythical white dude.

Let’s hope Santa brings ol’ AB a sack full of grade school grammar books next Christmas.

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