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Mo Bamba and CJ McCollum blasted Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley after he made public a list of the “whitest black guys” in the NBA.

Beverley revealed the list in a segment on his Pat Bev Podcast with co-host Adam Ferrone. The two had previously listed their top five “blackest white” NBA players. 

Ferrone opted not to take part in the new version of the list because he is white and because playful racially-tinged banter is apparently only acceptable in one direction.

Anyway, Beverley’s list includes:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen
  • Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner
  • Philadelphia 76ers center Mo Bamba
  • Charlotte Hornets forward Grant Williams
  • New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum

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Mo Bamba Wrecks Patrick Beverley

Bamba, the 7′ 76ers center, did not take too kindly to being named to Patrick Beverley’s “whitest black” NBA players list. He slammed the Bucks defensive specialist for the way he was sitting while presenting the list and for suggesting that “articulate” players were chosen for a reason.

“I’m a top 5 black-white guy because I can properly articulate how I feel & how I see things? You a smart man, do your research,” Bamba fumed in a post on X. “I’m not a gangsta to any capacity but I’m born & raised from Harlem. I made it off the block & out the trenches.”

He was just getting warmed up, chiding Beverley for egging on Ferrone to “question my blackness.”

“Secondly, sitting there with your legs crossed like that & asking your white co-host to publicly question my blackness is one of the reasons why it’s hard to move the culture forward,” Bamba wrote in another post.

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McCollum Dunks On Him Too

McCollum, a one-time NBA’s Most Improved Player, also suggested Patrick Beverley do some research before he questions his background.

Most notably pointing to a teammate of his, Bucks point guard Damian Lillard.

“Ask [Damian Lillard] about me before you speak on my name,” McCollum wrote in a comment on Instagram.

Maybe Bev is just bitter about this play …

Patrick Beverley continued to defend his “whitest black guys” in the NBA list, saying it doesn’t “have anything to do with their basketball game” but rather a lack of “swag.”

Mo Bamba literally has a rap song named after him highlighting his time growing up in Harlem. How much more “swag” do you need?

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