Drag Racer Sets New Fuel Top Speed Record at 341.6 MPH
Drag Racer Sets New Fuel Top Speed Record at 341.6 MPH (Credit: TikTok user 'now.i.know1')

No matter how fast you’ve gone in a car, you’ve never gone as fast as Bob Tasca III.

Tasca III recently set a new Top Fuel drag racing speed record, reaching a top speed of 341.68 mph. He accomplished the feat in just 3.840 seconds in his PPG Mustang Dark Horse Nitro Funny Car at the Pro Superstar Shootout in Braden Motorsports Park on February 9, 2024. Tasca’s car is estimated to have around 11,000 horsepower—that’s a lot of ponies.

The previous record was held by Robert Hight, who hit 339.87 mph back in 2017 while driving a Chevrolet Camaro Funny Car. But Tasca didn’t just barely pass Hight by reaching 340 mph; he shattered the mark, going nearly two mph faster than Hight and everyone else ever has. It’s an incredible feat that may not be broken for quite some time.

Here’s a clip where you can watch Bob Tasca III set the new Top Fuel speed record.

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While Tasca’s 341.68 mph record breaks barriers in the racing community, it’s still not quite the fastest ever recorded by a wheel-driven vehicle. The fastest a wheel-driven vehicle has traveled is 463.03 mph, set by Dave Spangler in a Vesco Turbinator II in 2018. Then, we have the fastest piston-engined speed at 448.75 mph, set by Danny Thompson in a Challenger 2 in 2018.

All three are incredible accomplishments, and they still come nowhere close to the land speed record of 763.03 mph, set back in 1997, by a ThrustSSC, a British jet car.

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