Controversy surrounds Kyle Filipowski's intentional trip during a Duke vs. North Carolina game. Learn about the incident involving the top NBA draft prospect.
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Kyle Filipowski, a Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team star player, appeared to trip an opponent during a game intentionally.

The incident comes barely two weeks after the team openly complained about court-stormers injuring him in what they described as a collision with fans.

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Kyle Filipowski Trips His Opponent

CBS Sports reported on the incident and didn’t sugarcoat Filipowski’s intent saying he “lifts (his) leg to trip North Carolina’s Harrison Ingram during rivalry game loss.”

The incident occurred in the first half of the game, and it appeared to be an intentional act by the projected top 10 NBA draft prospect.

“Ingram and Filipowski got tangled up fighting for a loose ball in the moments prior and as they collected themselves to get back in transition, Filipowski stretched and lifted his right leg in a clear attempt to impede Ingram,” CBS reported.

“Ingram slipped to his hands then stumbled at midcourt before getting back up.”

No whistle was blown on the play, much to Ingram’s surprise.

Despite slow-motion replay showing the clear intent behind his actions, Kyle Filipowski insisted he did not try to trip his opponent.

“I’m not really too sure how that whole situation happened, to be honest,” he said following the game. “I was really just getting up. My foot slipped. I don’t know how I caught him. That’s really all I’ve got.”

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Can’t Control His Foot

Basketball fans were not kind to Kyle Filipowski for the tripping incident. And most of it hinged on the fact that he gave an Oscar-worthy performance after allegedly suffering a knee injury as fans rushed the court following a game against Wake Forest late last month.

“Everyone relax and please remember that one of the side effects of a horrific knee/ankle/sore injury that almost paralyzed Kyle Filipowski is that now he randomly will trip people,” joked Dan Katz of Barstool Sports. “It’s medical science.”

It must be.

“Kyle Filipowski’s leg has healed so miraculously he can even trip opposing players with it,” added SportsGrid host Ben Stevens.

Radio host Pat Dallahan similarly chimed in: “Kyle Filipowski using the same leg he suffered a career-ending injury on to trip someone.”

I mean, it’s practically a medical miracle. Filipowski and Duke were crying about the severity of his injury when a fan bumped him recently.

But, of course, the replay of that incident showed he actually pushed one fan, appeared to trip him intentionally, and then sold the contact from another that would make NBA all-time flopper LeBron James jealous.

You may recall that the incident so outraged Duke alum Jay Bilas that he insisted court-storming fans need to be arrested.

Arrested. For running on the court excitedly when their team wins.

One has to wonder if Bilas will come out tomorrow and demand Kyle Filipowski be arrested for assault.

A Trend At Duke?

As one Carolina fan told me, “Duke always seems to produce these types of players.”

Former Duke player Grayson Allen was practically synonymous with tripping during his college playing days. He now plays with the Phoenix Suns.

Allen was suspended indefinitely at one point (which amounted to one game) and stripped of his title of captain by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski in 2016.

Will Filipowski be disciplined for this incident?

By the way, the 7th-ranked Tar Heels defeated the 9th-ranked Blue Devils in the game, 84-79.

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