Julian Erosa Defeats Ricardo Ramos In UFC Vegas 89
Julian Erosa Defeats Ricardo Ramos In UFC Vegas 89 (Credit: YouTube Screenshot - UFC)

Featherweight Lays Into ‘Trans Women’ In Sports In His Post-Match Presser

UFC featherweight Julian Erosa made quick work of his opponent, Ricardo Ramos, at UFC Vegas 89 on Saturday night. The former CageSport featherweight and lightweight champion defeated Ramos by submission in the first round of the fight. But Erosa saved his most devastating blows not for Ramos, but for Lia (a.k.a., Will) Thomas, the “trans woman” who competed against real women instead of men in the NCAA swimming championships.

At his post-match press conference, Erosa pulled no punches, calling Thomas a cheater and inviting him to join MMA as a woman. Erosa then promised to switch over to the women’s division to do just one thing: “Beat that dude’s ass.”

“I don’t like cheaters,” Erosa said. “I wanted to encourage him to transition from women’s swimming into women’s MMA, and then I’ll transition into a woman and beat that dude’s ass.”

He continued: “The world that we’re living in, there’s no common sense anymore.”


Erosa continued to talk about “transgender athletes” in general, not just in swimming or combat sports. Asked if there was any instance where it would be acceptable for men to compete against women, the fighter flat-out said, “Absolutely not. No.”

MMA Junkie posted the press conference on X:

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“The Proof’s In The Pudding,” Says Erosa

In rationalizing his position about Thomas and other “trans women,” Erosa explains that there is nothing a man can do to become a woman if he goes through puberty as a male.

“If you went through male puberty, there’s nothing you can do. There’s nothing you can give yourself to shrink your bones down, there’s nothing you can do in that kind of sense. I mean, and the proof’s in the pudding, right? You have Mr. Thomas, who was whatever he was ranked as a man and then he’s just beating all the women. It’s obvious. It doesn’t matter how much estrogen you’re taking … these gray areas are stupid to me because it’s common sense.”

Julian Erosa UFC Vegas 89 Post-Match Press Conference

Erosa went on to say that if men keep being allowed to compete in women’s sports, eventually, they would just become men’s sports and there would be no women’s sports.

Julian Erosa Celebrates His Win At UFC Vegas 89
Julian Erosa Celebrates His Win At UFC Vegas 89 (YouTube Screenshot – UFC) Credit: YouTube Screenshot – UFC

Erosa Joins Growing Number Of Athletes Speaking Out

Erosa isn’t the first to speak out against “trans athletes,” of course, not even in combat sports. In January, women’s boxing champions Ebanie Bridges and Amanda Serrano slammed USA Boxing’s “transgender policy.” But Erosa’s press conference is a sign that more and more athletes, women and men, are refusing to accept the insanity any longer.

Five-time MMA world champion Jake Shields applauded Erosa for speaking out.

And Riley Gaines, perhaps the most famous advocate for protecting women’s sports, who is currently suing the NCAA for its transgender policies, congratulated him as well.

Erosa had actually planned to call out Thomas in his post-fight interview in the ring, but he recently became a father a week before UFC Vegas 89, so he reserved that time to praise his wife and dedicate his win to her.

Erosa concluded this portion of his press conference with a little self-deprecating humor. “I’m not the smartest crayon in the box… but if I don’t know anything about anything, I can still tell you it’s unfair.”

If you ask us, Erosa is a much smarter “crayon” than anyone who currently believes that men can become women.

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