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Chase Elliott and Bubba Wallace are friends.

As friends often to, they like to mess with each other. Who doesn’t have a friend like that?

So after 42 straight losses, Chase Elliott finally won at the notorious Texas Motor Speedway over the weekend. That meant a congratulations from Wallace… and a bit of teasing.

Bubba gave Chase a shout out for finally getting the monkey off his back.

Losing Streak Over

Chase Elliott‘s win came on one of the NASCAR circuit’s most controversial tracks.

Yardbarker observed, “Texas Motor Speedway has been the bane of many drivers’ and fans’ existence. The reconfiguration has not been a welcomed experiment since 2017. Drivers complain that the repave didn’t age well.”

As you might have guessed, pavement matters at 200mph. Just think of how the driving dynamics change for you when you’re going 25 on a residential street and come to some rougher pavement. Now think of doing it at 50… or 100!

“Today we were treated to another chaotic Texas race,” the story noted of the Elliott win. “It was enough chaos to prevent a single car from leading all of the laps. So compared to a few races this season, that was a welcomed change.”

Wallace made an aside joke that since Elliott won on Sunday, the Texas Motor Speedway will be here to stay on the NASCAR calendar.

“Can’t get rid of Texas now… all is right in the NASCAR world today,” Wallace joked about NASCAR’s most popular guy taking the W, Wallace tweeted.”

Then in a more serious tone, Wallace said. “Welcome back champ [Chase Elliott].”

‘That is a Long Time for One of the Most Iconic Brands in NASCAR to Not Have a Trophy’

Yardbarker continued, “Bubba Wallace fought hard for a P7 finish. It is clear that he does not want to come back to Texas at all. However, for the foreseeable future, that isn’t going to change. Between the frustration of today and the heartbreak of last year’s playoff race, Wallace has some ill-will towards this track.”

The winless streak is broken for Chase Elliott and his friend Bubba Wallace approves.

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