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The early rounds of the WNBA draft were held Monday night, and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark was the number one overall selection by the Indiana Fever.

ESPN reports that Clark could “change the perception and trajectory” of the entire Fever franchise.

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“Clark’s talents are well detailed, and she will be the most scrutinized rookie in WNBA history,” they write of the Iowa star.

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Details Of Caitlin Clark’s Contract Emerge

A ton of pressure awaits Caitlin Clark. The face of the entire franchise. All-time leading scorer in NCAA basketball history. First overall selection.

You’d think her contract would reflect that. But Sportrac provides some insight into the 2024-’25 WNBA rookie wage scale.

According to them, the first four picks in the NBA draft will see a contract with the following numbers:

  • 2024: $76,535
  • 2025: $78,066
  • 2026: $85,873
  • 2027*: $97,582 (team option)

That is, in a word, brutal.

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Whitlock Urged Her To Return To Iowa

Granted, this doesn’t include endorsement deals Caitlin Clark will likely see as she generates buzz for the WNBA during her rookie season.

But it still makes you wonder if she should have listened to sports analyst Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock urged Clark to play another season at Iowa, make some money through the NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy, and avoid “nastiness” awaiting her in the WNBA.

It’s hard to argue she wouldn’t make millions off her current name through NIL, netting her more money than she’s likely to make in the WNBA.

Not to mention, Ice Cube offered Clark $5 million to become the first woman to play in his Big3 league for just 8 games.

Cube insists his league would treat Clark like the star she is.

“It’s really about being a fan: Being a fan of the game, being a fan of my heroes, like Dr. J, Iceman, Rick Barry and Gary Payton,” he said.

“And making sure if you’re gonna invite them to dinner, you better not have no fucking paper plates. Pull out the good stuff.”

The WNBA is giving Caitlin Clark paper plates. And not the fancy heavy-duty Chinet classics either. The kind you have to double or triple up so the macaroni salad doesn’t plunge to the ground at your family cookout.

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