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Oakland A's fans
Oakland A's fans | SCREENSHOT: NBC Bay Area/youtube
Nov 22, 2023
ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith says that Oakland gave the A's no reason to turn down a lucrative offer to…
American Family Field | FOX6 News Milwaukee
Aug 18, 2023
Another team may be jumping on the relocation train, as the Milwaukee Brewers could be the latest MLB franchise to…
White Sox vs. A's Game Highlights (6/30/23) | MLB Highlights
Jul 17, 2023
The notoriously cheap owner of the Oakland Athletics decides not to send Stomper, the team;s mascot, to the 2023 MLB…
27K Oakland A's Fans Stage Reverse Boycott | ABC7
Jun 14, 2023
The City of Oakland let the world know on Tuesday night that ownership can GO, but they want their beloved…
Oakland A's President Addresses Las Vegas Stadium Land Deal | NBC Bay Area
May 10, 2023
The Athletics are ready to depart Oakland for an oasis in the desert, but is the planned move to Las…
Oakland Coliseum via ABC7 News Bay Area YouTube
Apr 24, 2023
With no stadium deal in place in Oakland, the Athletics have agreed to a proposal to move the team to…
Anthony Rendon via masn Nationals YouTube
Apr 4, 2023
On Opening Day, Anaheim's Anthony Rendon had a run-in with a fan in the stands that will cost him a…
Elevated shot of an almost empty Oakland Coliseum during a game
Source: The WAR Room YouTube channel
Nov 2, 2022
The Oakland A's are joining other professional sports teams in fleeing the city, as taxes, crime and homelessness overrun the…