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Riley Gaines
Apr 14, 2023
Former All-American swimmer turned women’s sports activist, Riley Gaines, discussed in a Wednesday interview the terrifying situation which occurred at San Francisco State University last week, in which a mob of pro-trans protestors stormed the event space after she had just completed a speaking engagement, and then resulted in Gaines being allegedly hit by a male protestor before she was held in a separate room by campus police unable to leave until the protests died down.
Riley Gaines
Apr 13, 2023
Women’s sports advocate and former All-American swimmer Riley Gaines is now being accused of ‘spreading violence’ by the president of the Associated Students at San Francisco State University after a recent event hosted by the campus’ Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter turned violent due to protestors who stormed the event, resulting in Gaines being physically assaulted by a pro-transgender male protester as she attempted to leave.
Riley Gaines
Apr 10, 2023
Former NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines last week posted footage from her San Francisco State University event after she claimed claimed to have been chased out and eventually physically harmed by a man and others protesting her presence on campus.