Ethan Liming via News 5 Cleveland YouTube

Details from the arrest affidavits regarding the three suspects in the death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming show that the suspects stole Liming’s vehicle and intentionally moved it to a different part of the I Promise School’s (owned by basketball star LeBron James’ charitable foundation) parking lot in order to prevent Liming’s friends from rushing him to the hospital.

On Tuesday afternoon, Human Event’s Jack Posobiec went to twitter to share an unnamed witness’ statement regarding the events that led to Liming’s death.

Source: JackPosobiec Twitter

According to the statement, “Stafford [one of the suspects arrested in connection to this case] did knowingly cause or attempt to cause serious physical harm to Ethan Liming. The result of the felonious assault resulted in the death of Ethan Liming.”

The statement continues, “Stafford was in an altercation with Liming, [redacted] Stafford punched, assaulted, Liming, [redacted]. Stafford then beat Liming until he was unconscious, and then beat him more as he was unconscious on the group, by stomping and kicking him multiple times on the head, resulting in his death on-scene.” The statement further points out that when Liming’s friends attempted to take him to the hospital, “the suspect took Liming’s car and drove to the other end of the lot.”

Officers from the Akron Police Department in Ohio have also alleged that suspect Donovan Jones, 21, “took the phone of one of Liming’s friends as he tried to call 911” according to OutKick.

Donovan Jones during his arraignment via WKYC Channel 3 YouTube

Jonathan Sinn, the attorney representing suspect Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, told Fox News on Wednesday that Stafford Jr. did not take Liming’s car for the purpose of preventing him from going to the hospital, but to keep Liming and his friends from fleeing the scene until the police arrived.

It is not clear whether the three suspects fled the scene of the crime or whether Stafford Jr. had called 911.

Sinn is attempting to push a self-defense narrative for his client, who feared a “car-load of teenagers… with, what at the time seemed to be a fully automatic firearm.”

Deshawn Stafford Jr. during his arraignment via WKCY Channel 3 YouTube

The altercation began on June 2nd when Liming and several friends were riding around Akron in a vehicle firing off a SPLATRBALL Water Bead Blaster from the car. The three suspects claimed they were fired at, and then followed Liming to the grounds of the I Promise School where the assault and death occurred.

What do you make of Sinn’s claim?