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Larry McReynolds, the former crew chief for Davey Allison and Dave Earnhardt Sr. and a current FOX News analyst, put his peers and Ty Gibbs on blast for excusing Ty Gibbs’ pit road revenge against Ty Dillon during the race at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Larry McReynolds via Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Dirty Mo Media YouTube

During a race off pit road Ty Dillon came out of his pit stop and made contact with Gibbs.

Gibbs was not pleased with the contact from Dillon and quickly retaliated turning his vehicle to the left and shoving Dillon to the pit wall where a number of crew members and even a track official were standing.

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Here’s a look from Dillon’s in-car camera showing how close he got to the pit stall and crew members of Chris Buescher after Gibbs retaliated.

Reynolds shared his opinion on Gibbs’ retaliation against Dillon on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio saying, “The Ty Gibbs deal, like I said yesterday, I think that’s a whole lot more serious in my book than what I saw out there on that race track with William Byron and Denny Hamlin.

He explained, “Because I know we don’t live in a what if? world, but when he made that move on Ty Dillon there were Roush Fenway Keselowski team members on the right side of that car. There were two NASCAR officials standing there.”

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McReynolds then lit into the media excusing Gibbs’ driving, “And if I hear one more person, one more announcer, one more human being say, ‘He’s just 19,’ okay, then don’t race Cup. Go back and run Xfinity or go back and run late models until you learn how to carry yourself.”

“I’m not buying that one. I’m not buying that one,” he continued. “You’re in the Cup Series. I don’t care if you are 9, 19, or 49, you need to know when to and when not to. And pit road with a 3,500 lbs. race car with people potentially out there is not the place to do it.”

Ty GIbbs via NASCAR YouTube

It’s unclear whether a penalty will be doled out for Gibbs, but FOX Sports reporter Bob Pockrass indicated NASCAR is considering a penalty for Gibbs both for hitting Dillon as well as an “unapproved adjustment” on his vehicle during the Xfinity race.

Bob Pockrass Twitter

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As reported by Toby Christie NASCAR VP of Officiating and Technical Inspection Elton Sawyer also told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio that Gibbs’ contact with Dilon would be reviewed alongside Byron spinning out Denny Hamlin.

“Oh absolutely. All of those will be reviewed,” Sawyer said. “And I think we talked about this — several weeks ago — about in race penalties with contact and drivers having a disagreement over real estate one is using versus the other. We don’t have all of that information at that time. And even if we have camera views, it’s a view we may take from the tower that may or may not be 100% accurate.

“We feel like in some of those cases, we’re better to let the race unfold and then address those on Monday or Tuesday. The same we’ll do with the No. 23 on pit road yesterday and the No. 42 as well as the No. 11 and the No. 24. Looking at all of those situations today and tomorrow and getting to a good place there, where we feel we can move forward going into Talladega this week.”

Ty GIbbs via NASCAR YouTube

Gibbs ended up finishing the race in 20th while Ty Dillon finished in 16th. Tyler Reddick took home the win continuing the now 4-race streak of non-playoff drivers winning races in the playoffs.

The NASCAR Cup Series heads to Talladega this weekend.

What do you make of Larry McReynolds’ comments?

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