Robert Griffin III and LeSean McCoy

Robert Griffin III blistered LeSean McCoy after the former Philadelphia Eagles running back threw some shade at the former Washington Redskins quarterback.

Robert Griffin III via ESPN YouTube

Robert Griffin III didn’t pull any punches when he shared a photo of Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon III giving his quarterback Russell Wilson a death stare during the team’s loss to the Indianapolis Colt on Thursday.

Griffin shared the photo and asked his followers to “Caption this….”

Robert Griffin III Twitter

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McCoy replied, “Damn bro take it easy on him lol you experience this moment a lot more than Russ.”

LeSean McCoy Twitter

Griffin wasn’t having the shade being thrown his way and he replied, “Dang you still mad at me for out rushing you in a game? Or was it that I had more rushing touchdowns than you had rushing and receiving that year?”

He continued, “Or for knocking yal out of playoff contention in 2014? You had a great career. Without injuries I would have had a better one.”

He then shared screenshots of a Redskins game against the Eagles as well as end of the year totals.

Robert Griffin III Twitter

McCoy didn’t directly respond to Griffin, but he did write on Twitter, “would of could of BUT these are your NUMBERS (let RG3 COOK).”

He then shared Griffin’s career numbers in the NFL.

LeSean McCoy Twitter

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Griffin later explained why he was going so hard against McCoy in a response to Will Blackmon.

Griffin wrote, “Shady been a hater for years bro, gone take what’s going on with Russ and try to hit me with a stray bullet. I will clap back. Me and you real friends. Your post was funny. Inaccurate. But funny.”

Robert Griffin III Twitter

Griffin also made it clear that there is nothing wrong with criticizing Wilson’s play because he is struggling.

He wrote, “Criticizing Russell Wilson’s play last night and this season is completely fair game. Using his struggles to take shots at his character and family is not.”

Robert Griffin III Twitter

He also noted that despite his current poor play it doesn’t take away from his past accomplishments.

Griffin tweeted, “Russell Wilson could not play another down of football and he would still be an All-Tie Great. He is struggling right now but that doesn’t wipe away EVERYTHING he did in Seattle.”

Robert Griffin III Twitter

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Wilson went 21 for 39 for 274 yards. He threw two interceptions. He was also sacked four times. He rushed the ball four times for 22 yards in the Broncos 12-9 loss to the Colts.

Wilson knows he’s struggling. In his post-game interview he said, “It’s very simple. I think at the end of the day I got to be better. I got to play better. This team, this defense played their butts off tonight. We had some key, good drives, moving the ball in the red zone, we just didn’t get to capitalize on some of them.”

He added, “There’s some plays there, here and there, that we can capitalize on. We were third and long again too much. That’s always tough on offense and everything else when you’re third and fifteen, third and seventeen, this and that.”

“And you know at the end of the day, throwing two interceptions can’t happen. Can’t happen. I let the team down tonight,” he said.

Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube

However, we was optimistic moving forward, “The good thing is the one thing I know about myself is I’m going to respond. I don’t know any other way and I will always believe in myself, always believe in this team, believe in what we can do, believe in what I can do, and when you play this game the one thing that you’re going to know is that you’re going to go through adversity.

“And adversity, you have a choice, you know, and I’m always gonna choose — I understand that adversity is just temporary. You’re going to overcome obstacles and battles. We’re all working together. We’re all still together focused on trying to do whatever it takes. And it starts with me. And I’ll make sure that I do that,” he declared.

Russell Wilson via Denver Broncos YouTube

What do you make of Robert Griffin III roasting LeSean McCoy?

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