Noah Gragson via Noah Lewis YouTube

Noah Gragson, the driver of the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro SS for JR Motorsports in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, encouraged Brandon Jones to beat up Ty Gibbs after Gibbs wrecked Jones on the last lap and was awarded the win by NASCAR.

Brandon Jones and Ty Gibbs via NASCAR YouTube

Gibbs intentionally wrecked Jones, his teammate, on the last lap of the race. After they took the white flag, Gibbs drove into the rear of Jones’ car sending him spinning into the outside wall. The wreck brought out the caution and ended the race according to NASCAR’s rules.

Given Gibbs was in the lead after wrecking Jones he was awarded the victory.

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During a post-race interview, Jones was speaking to the media and Gragson walked behind him saying, “Go beat his a**, bro.”

Gragson was later asked by the media about those comments and he explained, “Well, I know if I was — I mean it worked out for JR Motorsports, right? Allgaier got in. Brandon and I are friends and I know what it would be like if I was in his shoes and I wouldn’t be too happy. He’s showing a lot more composure than I would be right now. But I guess you kind of got to deal with that when you’re driving a Ty Gibbs Racing, I mean Joe Gibbs Racing car. ”

When one of the members of the media noted Jones should expect a bump, Gragson replied, “Yea, I mean a bump. He destroyed him in the corner, but it’s not my battle.”

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Gragson wasn’t the only one unhappy about Gibbs’ move. Gibbs’ father, Coy Gibbs, who also happens to be the Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Joe Gibbs Racing, shared his thoughts on his son’s move in a post race press conference following Christopher Bell’s win at Martinsville in the Cup series.

He said, “Yesterday, was disappointing. That’s not what we wanted for our race team. We haven’t met as a group yet because we’ve been at the race track and all over the place. So we’ll meet more to deal with that internally. Handle that.”

“I agree with you, it would be awesome to have two cars,” he added. “Would have been awesome — I thought we had two cars in the chase today until a white missile went by at the last second. But no, just excited for Christopher.”

When pressed, Coy said, “I think when you’re young you make mistakes and hopefully you’ll learn from them. I think that’s the message that we’ll deliver to him. And obviously with teammates that’s a whole different ball game.”

“So there’s a couple things we need to go over, but like I said we haven’t met as a group yet. We’ll meet. Our leadership group will meet and we’ll deal with the situation,” he added.

Coy Gibbs via Noah Lewis YouTube

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He later added, “Look he’s my kid, I appreciate his aggression, but sometimes, you know, you gotta pull back a little bit. And this is a place where we need to pull back some and just talk to him and explain to him doing that affects not just him, it affects our whole company, all our sponsors, all the people we deal with. It affects Toyota. Obviously, it affected Brandon.”

“So those are the things that maybe your not thinking of in that split second, but hopefully we can get with him and educate him on those things,” he concluded.

Coy Gibbs via Noah Lewis YouTube

Joe Gibbs also shared his thoughts, “Well, I think first of all, none of us want what happened last night. And so when things like that happen there’s going to be consequences. Ty knows that. We all do. And he’s going to have work his way through all that.”

He continued, “And you hate it. And I hate it for Brandon, for sure, and, you know, Rheem, they’ve been with us. We hated it for what happened last night and like I said it’s something that we wished never had happened.”

Joe Gibbs via SiriusXM NASCAR Radio Twitter

Gibbs then detailed, “I think, first of all, Ty — like I said it’s a learning experience every single week for him and, you know, we don’t want something like last night. He doesn’t want it. We don’t want it.”

“And so, I think, going forward, hopefully that’s something he learns from. And I think he’s going to have to go through a lot because of it, and that’s consequences. And, you know, I’m going to be right there to walk through it with him. Coy will be right there to walk with him. We all love Ty,” he concluded.

What do you make of Gragson’s comments? What do you think Jones should have done or should do moving forward?

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