Carolina Panthers Release Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

The Carolina Panthers announced they officially released quarterback Baker Mayfield, who won the starting positions coming out of training camp.

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

Mayfield not only won the starting quarterback position out of training camp, but the Panthers originally acquired him from the Cleveland Browns back in July for a conditional 2024 fifth rounder.

However, Mayfield didn’t live up to expectations for the Panthers. He started five games and only won one against the Saints in Week 3.

Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers vs. Buffalo Bills via Carolina Panthers YouTube

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The Panthers claim his best game was the first one against the Browns where he went 16 for 27 for 235 yards with one touchdown and one interception and a QB rating of 84.6.

However, it could be argued his best play came against the Bengals in Week 9, a game he didn’t start. He went 14 for 20 for 155 yards and touchdowns. He had a QB rating of 126.

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

He played in 7 games altogether and completed a total of 119 passes on 206 attempts. He threw for a total of 1313 yards and six touchdowns. However, he also threw six interceptions.

He ended his tenure with the Panthers with QB rating of 74.4. It’s the lowest QB rating of his entire career. His previous low was 83.1, which came last year with the Browns.

Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers vs. the Cincinnati Bengals via Carolina Panthers YouTube

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Panthers head coach Steve Wilks addressed Mayfield’s departure saying, “I’m sure you guys have heard. Baker has been released. We had a conversation today. I talked to the guys about Sam will be the starter this week against Seattle and PJ will be the backup.”

Specifically addressing Mayfield, he added, “Baker has been nothing but a professional since he’s been here, a complete pro. Tremendous respect for him.”

Wilks continued, “He and I had a conversation, I talked about my decision at the time to go to Cleveland was all based off him and the offense and having the opportunity with a productive team that I felt could move the ball.”

“This is a tough business, and sitting in this seat it’s a tough a decision on my part, but it was something that I felt like was the best move for the team moving forward,” he concluded.

When asked about whether Mayfield asked to be released after Wilks made the decision to move forward with Sam Darnold and PJ Walker, Wilks replied, “Yes, he felt and we felt. We wanted to give him the opportunity to be able to seek whatever him and his agent felt would be the best for them. Again, he has been nothing but a professional for us. So, I wanted to extend that courtesy.”

Steve Wilks via Carolina Panthers Twitter

What do you make of Mayfield getting released by the Carolina Panthers?

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