Derek Carr via Raiders YouTube

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has had a rough season since being benched as the starter, and now the Raider is opening up about how his personal and professional life has been impacted since focusing on his Christian faith.

Derek Carr via Las Vegas Review Journal YouTube

While speaking at the non-denominational ChurchLV in January, Carr reflected on how the Raiders’ performance this season made him truly question his aptitude as a player and an athlete.

“I removed myself from a situation, and I just got in God’s presence every day,” Carr said to the congregation. “I got in His presence, and I found peace. I found joy. I found answers to my questions.”

While most of his speech didn’t focus entirely on his career in the NFL, Carr did touch on it especially since there would obviously be some Raiders fans in the crowd, hoping to at least get some insight into what went on this season, as well as the possibilities for the next.

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“Everybody is asking me, ‘How are you doing?’ I’m doing great, and I’m gonna tell you why,” he said. “I’m doing great walking with Jesus. He has been speaking so loud to me. It’s been so clear to me. That doesn’t mean that it has felt easy. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t woken up and felt angry at times.”

He added, “That doesn’t mean I haven’t woken up and felt a little upset at times, sad at times. Dang, I really wish I could have done more. I really wish that I could have helped more or I could have done better.”

Derek Carr via Raiders YouTube

Carr’s performance this season landed him with his lowest quarterback rating since 2018, with many pundits wondering whether he would be leaving the Raiders for another team next season.

“I didn’t accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish,” he continued. “With the Raiders. There are things still for me to accomplish in Las Vegas.”

Derek Carr via KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas YouTube

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“I came up short,” he continued. “But does that mean that I come up short with who God sees me as? Does that meant that because you didn’t accomplish your goal, you’re not a Son or Daughter of the Most High? No, because I know there’s a God in heaven that sees me in a new light.”

Carr then declared, “There’s a God in heaven that doesn’t put these cultural lenses on me. He sees me for everything He created me to be. He sees you for everything that He created you to be. Just because we come up short does not determine our worth.”

Derek Carr via Raiders YouTube

Carr also urged those watching that they should embrace Christian truth in our post-modern age.

“There are some things that I read in the Bible, and it messes with me. But if the Word says it, that’s what I stand on. If the Word says it, that’s what I believe. If the Word says it, that’s what’s true. That’s what’s right — not Derek’s opinion.”

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