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Denny Hamlin via NASCAR YouTube

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin expressed his true feelings of frustration towards fellow driver Chase Elliott following their untimely exit from Monday’s Coca-Cola 600 race on Monday.

Source: NASCAR YouTube

According to Hamlin, the incident that sparked controversy occurred on Lap 186 at Charlotte Motor Speedway when he felt a jolt from Elliott’s contact to his right rear. At the time, both drivers were racing side by side, but Hamlin’s maneuver forced Elliott towards the outer wall.

Elliott’s subsequent contact with Hamlin’s right rear resulted in a direct collision with the wall. Hamlin implied that Elliott’s actions were deliberate, referring to them as a “tantrum,” as well as going as far as to state that he doesn’t believe Elliott should be allowed to compete in the upcoming Enjoy Illinois 300 race scheduled for next Sunday.

“I got right-rear hooked in the middle of the straightaway. It’s a tantrum, and he shouldn’t be racing next week. Right rear hooks are absolutely unacceptable,” said Hamlin.

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“It is the same thing that Bubba Wallace did with Kyle Larson, exact same. He shouldn’t be racing.”

According to the broadcast, Denny Hamlin expressed his frustration over the incident by describing the move as “complete BS” on his radio. However, Chase Elliott maintains that he did not act with any deliberate intention.

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“The 11 ran us up in the fence there, and once you tear the right side off these things, it’s kind of over,” said Elliot. “Once you hit the wall in these things, you can’t drive them anymore. Just an unfortunate circumstance.”

According to a report from USA Today, NASCAR intends on doing a full investigation of the crash to get to the root of what really occurred.

Both Hamlin and Elliot were released from the care center after being properly evaluated by medical personnel.

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