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It would be an understatement to say that things got more than a little heated between Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson right after the AdventHealth 400 race on Sunday.

Source: NASCAR YouTube

A full-on fist fight broke out between Chastain and Gragson post-race, causing NASCAR officials to physically jump in to separate the two drivers from further harming each other. The situation which sparked the altercation was a specific way in which Chastain was driving during the race, and for some reason Gragson wasn’t too pleased with it.

Gragson went over to confront Chastain when the two of them entered pit road. Within a matter of seconds, the two drivers were face to face and before anyone know it, Chastain threw the first punch at Gragson solidly hitting him across the face.

Well, Gragson obviously took offense to getting punched right in the face and returned with a volley of punches at Chastain before the two were physically separated from each other.

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“I got fenced by [Ross Chastain],” said Gragson. “I’m over it. It’s the second time.”

“I’m ready to fight him. I didn’t even get a shot in because the security guards got in the middle of it. Nobody confronts the guy, he just keeps doing it, and I’m sick and tired of it.”

While Chastain conceded that his driving may have been aggressive, he didn’t back down on punching Gragson.

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“I got tight off the No. 4, for sure,’ said Chastain. “He took a swipe at me then came down and grabbed ahold of me. A very big mane once told me, ‘We have a no-push policy here at Trackhouse.”

All in all, Chastain finished the race in fifth place while Gragson ended up in 29th.

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