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You can’t read a headline with Antonio Brown’s name on it without asking yourself, “dang, what now?” Well, right now the former NFL player turned arena football team owner is facing legal issues once again, this time because coming from several players from his Albany Empire team.

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According to a recent piece from the Albany Union-Tribune, a mix of players and staff members have joined together in an effort to sue Brown, alleging that his behavior negatively impacted players professionally and personally due to his antics and lack of seriousness running the team. Now, they’re actively seeking an attorney who’d be willing to help them in their legal crusade.

According to the disgruntled individuals going after Brown, they allege that he owes each of them $500 for the final game of the season. Several of the individuals have stated that while they were written checks for that amount, the checks bounced.

Coach Moe Leggett via CBS6 Albany YouTube

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“I’m frustrated,” said Albany Empire coach Moe Leggett regarding the reversed checks. “I tried to give [Antonio Brown] the benefit of the doubt. I tried to work with him, I was trying to be the peacemaker, the mediator to make sure things ran smoothly and just under the radar. But I can no longer do that.”

Another Empire player, Fabian Guerra, also slammed Brown’s behavior and actions regarding paying the players.

Guerra stated “I’m thinking since he didn’t pay us, it’s only the right thing to do, It’s kind of like bad business by him, but I’m over here in Massachusetts and playing with a new team, so I’m not worried. It sucks it has to come down to that and now there’s going to be a lawsuit, so he just looks bad.”

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“I feel like this was his plan all along,” Guerra continued. “I feel like he does stuff for social media and to sell his songs, I think it’s just what he does. That’s the type of guy he is. No one trusts him anymore. I see it hard for him to get any future deals going because of how he is as a person.”

Things have only grown more difficult for Brown, and this potential lawsuit would only add more insult to injury, especially as the Empire was expelled from the National Arena League (NAL) due to unpaid fines and operating costs. With seven games remaining in the regular season, the NAL took the decision to remove the Empire from the league after they failed to pay their overdue assessments. The league had given them ample time to settle their payments, but their non-compliance led to the cancellation of their upcoming game against the Jacksonville Sharks and their removal from the rest of the season’s schedule. The NAL board of owners unanimously decided to terminate the Empire’s membership agreement.

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