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Angel City FC, a National Women’s Soccer League expansion team based in Los Angeles, hosted an “all-ages” transgender pride festival, Trans Pride LA 2023. The event will include drag performances and appearances by members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that has sparked controversy and already ruined the eroded reputation for the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

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The event promotional site stated leading up to the event that “This all-ages, free event expects 2,000+ attendees over two days,” which seems kinda low when you consider this was going to be held during a women’s soccer game in progressive LA of all places.

What caught the attention of news outlets however was that the anti-Christian, Catholic mocking drag group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was included in the event.

The Sisters, which is comprised of homosexual men who dress as catholic nuns and masquerade as characters under names such as “Sister Sin,” has been in the center of the recent LA Dodgers controversy in which they were invited, disinvited, and then when the LGBTQ+ community went on a media tirade against the Dodgers, they were reinvented back.

San Diego Wave FC vs. Angel City FC

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The Pride themed event included seven educational workshops on topics such as advocacy, “Kinkables — Affordable Household Kink,” and “Revolting Gender: Sex and Playing with Gender.” The festival marketed as being designed to cater to all ages, including a dedicated “Children & Families Activity Area.”

“Trans Pride LA has taken on a very specific urgency,” said the event website. “Over 500 pieces of anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in our country, we are seeing a dramatic escalation of transphobic rhetoric.” The site mentioned opposition against sexual reassignment surgeries aimed at young children, blocking chemical castration pills and hormone blockers, and other medical monstrosities aimed at mutilating children.

Angel City FC was not the only big sponsor for this event, other companies ranging from Telemundo and Comcast NBCUniversal were just some of the corporate names attached to this.

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Sports commentator and Black and White Sports co-host “Rhodes Rants” recently discussed the soccer teams embrace of the controversial drag queens, remarking that in addition to fulling backing the radical transgender ideology, that this actually does nothing but undermine the existence and efforts of real women, particularly those who are having to compete against biological men in women’s leagues at the collegiate and professional levels.

“This is totally giving a double middle finger to, well, women,” said Rhodes. “The very people they claimed, as feminists, to have previously supported.”

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