This Video Of Monks Playing Basketball Will Put Your Pickup Game To Shame | Pat McAfee Reacts

On an episode of The Pat McAfee Show from earlier this week, the hosts were stunned by the supreme skills of some basketball-playing monks in a viral video that was posted a few days prior. In it, a group of Tibetan monks are playing a pickup game of basketball, and showing off seriously sacred skills.

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Before you laugh at the notion of these guys playing hoops, save the drama for your lama. The video clearly shows the men displaying not only good ball handling and decision-making, but there are some good jump shooters on it as well. And while didn’t see a dunk from a monk, they definitely showed they have the skills to pay the bills (That is… if they had any bills).

For Pat McAfee and co-host AJ Hawke, it was a chance to walk down the path of enlightenment, instead of interrupting their zen with conventional sports talk. The two laughed as they marveled at the surprising talents of athletes who are so far removed from everyday life in America.

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The clip, filmed at the Gonba Temple in China’s Qinghai Province, featured the monks throwing no-look passes, hitting long jumpers, and battling for rebounds in much the same way pro players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Nikola Jokic do. And it wasn’t just Pat McAfee and his merry band of brothers who noticed.

The story got picked up all over the internet, conveniently around the same time as Thursday’s NBA Draft was looming. This led some to jokingly speculate: Should one of these monks be considered as a potential first-round pick?

Or, as Gautam Varier of NBA news site Fadeaway World succinctly wrote: “It is always great to see basketball being played in different parts of the world and this had to be one of the more impressive displays that we have seen. These monks are clearly quite skilled and they could have had a shot at playing professionally if they received proper training.”

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