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Source: Jake Paul YouTube

Over the weekend, YouTube star turned surprisingly talented celebrity boxer Jake Paul once again hushed critics and the rumor mill accusing him of taking performance enhancing drugs to bulk up for his upcoming fight with retired MMA fighter Nate Diaz.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul via Jake Paul YouTube

On Twitter, Paul posted the official results from his recent VADA drug test, showing definitively that his results were negative and that he was going into this fight entirely natural. This shouldn’t be a huge shock however, since for his last fight earlier in the year with Englishman Tommy Fury, Paul also showed publicly his negative drug test.

“Results for the date(s) listed below are complete,” the letter read. “ATHLETE: JAKE PAUL. DATE: JULY 6, 2023. RESULTS NEGATIVE.”

“We will keep the Texas Combative Sports Program, MVP Promotions, the ABC, and the BoRe apprised of all results of both A and B samples.”

Source: JakePaul Twitter

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Paul needs all the hype he can earn as the days are starting to dwindle until he has to face off against Diaz, one of the most notorious strikers to have competed in the UFC who has a firm background in boxing.

Since his loss to Fury, many have wondered whether or not Paul would continue to fight ‘real’ boxers, continue fighting older and retired MMA fighters, or simply quit. When his fight with Diaz, which had been rumored for a year even prior to the Fury fight, had been announced, most of the boxing community – including some fans of Paul’s – saw this as a rebound attempt to salvage his reputation after his loss to Fury in Saudi Arabia.

This time however, Diaz’s record in the UFC and his reputation as a more pugnacious fighter than the men Paul has faced in the past has many looking at this fight as the final stand of Paul’s boxing career should he lose.

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Former UFC fighter Michael Bisping has predicted that Paul could potentially overcome Diaz, telling Betway that he doesn’t think Paul is the underdog in this fight as many are predicting.

“Nate has always been as tough as they come, you can never count him out. I did not give him a chance of beating Conor [McGregor] the first time and look what he did. And against Leon Edwards in round five, you cannot count him out.

“Jake Paul isn’t looking for legitimate threats, he’s looking for fights he can win. But they run a risk with Diaz. He isn’t a boxer, he’s almost 40, he’s won some and lost some, but he’s a massive name and Paul’s running a risk because Diaz might beat him on paper because Jake’s bigger, younger, he’s actually a boxer.

“I hope Diaz shocks the world but I have a horrible feeling that Paul gets it done,” Bisping continued. “But I’m wishing every bit of fortune on Diaz, I hope he goes out there and smashes him.”

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