Alex Stein
Alex Stein via SUBTL YouTube

Conservative YouTuber Alex Stein has found himself in some hot water with Misfits Boxing after tossing hot dogs at his Muslim opponent, Mo Dean, during the press conference for their upcoming fight. Now, it seems that the fight has been totally scrapped as a result of this stunt.

Alex Stein

Alex Stein via SUBTL YouTube

Stein, known for his gonzo-style journalism and overboard antics, unsurprisingly decided to make a spectacle of his fight promotion in order to bringing attention to the upcoming influencer bout by throwing a bucket of hot dogs at Deen as the two opponents were smack talking each other.

“I brought you a little gift, since I knew you love hotdogs,” said Stein. “You love pork, right?!”

Obviously, things turned into utter chaos as Deen jumped onto the table and attempted to attack Stein before he was pulled back by security. The scuffle even caused parts of the promotional posters and signage to fall apart as the men kept trying to go at each other.

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It was, in my opinion, funny, kinda messed up, but not outside of the norm for the lead up to fights these days, especially among the influencer boxing scene where the entertainment factor is more of a draw than the actual ability of the fighters themselves. After all, at the last Misfits Boxing event, a female fighter tossed a raw fish at her opponent during their face-off.

However in Stein’s case, throwing hot dogs at a Muslim was crossing a line, causing Misfits Boxing to remove Alex Stein from their undercard lineup. Stein would later go to his Twitter account where he claimed it was turkey hot dogs he threw, and not pork. Still, not enough to get back into his canceled match with Deen.

According to the “Termination of Contract” letter sent to Stein, the cause was entirely because of the hot dogs.

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“Dear Mr. Stein, at the press conference today you threw sausages, that were believed to be pork meat, at Mr. Mohammad Kubba a/k/a Mo Deen, your scheduled opponent, causing a fight between Mr. Kubba and yourself. This fight caused the destruction of the press conference stage,” the letter stated.

“You put the name and reputation of Misfits Boxing, its shareholders and its partners into disrepute.”

“Who would have thought Turkey dogs would be the most controversial thing to happen in @MisfitsBoxing history?” tweeted Stein. “I’m not sorry for my actions but I am sorry to all the people that wanted to watch the fight.”

Was this just a prank that should have been forgiven or was it a step too far? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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