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It seems as if former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is in the news more now that he’s retired than he ever was as a player. While the standout star used to draw attention for his acrobatic catches, incessant trash-talking, and exciting touchdowns, he’s now mostly become a walking comedy show. This time though, the press had an invitation to the latest round of jokes.

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Brown was recently in the news when multiple outlets reported a warrant for his arrest due to unpaid child support. He went on Twitter on Monday to deny that police were on the lookout for him. Then for good measure, he called out BroBible reporter Dov Kleiman.

“F**k the b**h ass who ever wrote that story!” Brown tweeted. “Mf don’t know shit about me! Where I came from what I been through!

While this is not the first time Antonio Brown has lambasted a member of the media, there was only one, slight catch this time: Kleiman didn’t write the story in question; he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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However, Antonio Brown was having none of it. He eseemingly kept blaming Kleiman, even when the reporter himself responded to let him know. Then, he began using racial slurs in what became a ridiculous rant. It was another example of the 34-year-old retired star’s immaturity, as it seems he is continually making a public spectacle of himself.

When Kleiman informed Brown of the error, the mercurial playmaker did not apologize, instead, he doubled down in a very tasteless and foolish way. He used the race card against someone who shouldn’t have even been the target of his venom in the first place.

“Cr*cker scared now,” Brown replied to Kleiman’s declartion that he didn’t write the article. “(You) got the criminal complaint stop lying in my name Antonio Brown a business not a name you play (with) boy.”

“You see they don’t got no codes or ethics behind what they write or who they tell lies upon,” Antonio Brown snapped back. “Cr*ckers go to acting lost like they had no clue what they was doing or point the finger to another cr*cker (their) homeboy like they did it I didn’t.

“Perfect form (of) cr*ckerisms,” Brown concluded, still making no sense whatsoever.

2023 has been an interesting year for Antonio Brown. Between the arrests and his National Arena League team – The Albany Empire – being kicked out of the organization, he’s always into something.

But in this case? The only thing he is in… was the wrong.

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