Allysha Chapman via Concacaf YouTube

In a lopsided Women’s World Cup match pitting Canada against Australia, Canadian defender Allysha Chapman has all eyes on her now after she went off on an explosive, expletive filled on-camera tirade just before the final whistle. Finally, soccer is fun to watch now.

Allysha Chapman via Joe Tilley’s Great Canadian Sports Show YouTube

The situation sparked when Chapman collided with Australian forward Hayley Raso in the 64th-minute while players for the ball. At that point, Australia was well ahead of the Canadians leading 3-0.

The collision resulted in Raso needing immediate attention from medical staff as it appeared that she was in some pretty severe pain on the ground. Referee Stephanie Frappart at that point gave Australia a penalty due to the collision.

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Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson wasn’t too happy with that decision and attempted to convince the ref to change their mind. From there, the Canadian let loose, leaving us with by far one of the most memorable, jaw-dropping moments from the entirety of the Women’s World Cup.

“She f**king jumped into me you tw*t!” Allysha Chapman yelled towards Gustavsson.

Well, her meltdown was caught on camera and reverberated like a stone tossed into still water across the broadcasts. Even commentators on different networks couldn’t ignore what everyone had just seen and heard.

Tony Gustavsson via Football Australia YouTube

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“Allysha Chapman looked over to Tony Gustavsson and some some pretty stern words,” said Channel 7’s David Basheer. Yes David, some pretty stern words indeed.

Ultimately, Chapman and the Canadians were left with a pretty sad 4-0 defeat, while Australia will be advancing to play Nigeria.

Were Chapman’s “stern words” justified? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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