Hanna and Haley Cavinder via Cavinder Twins YouTube, screenshot

The dating scene for many men and women in the United States is always under some type of microscope, especially as Hollywood, the media, and academia attempt to convince us to lose all sense of gender roles and fully embrace our emasculated, non-monogamous, androgynous, Brave New World society.

Haley Cavinder via Cavinder Twins YouTube, Screenshot

Former collegiate basketball player turned social media celebrity Haley Cavinder of the viral Cavinder twins isn’t having going with any of that nonsense though, she wants to date actual men who are traditionally manly.

“My biggest red flag, God I have a ton — an ick — our dad was super tough on us growing up, so I can’t stand any sense of softness in a male. If you are emotional or a lot — I’m not at all,” she said on a recent episode of her podcast Twin Talk with sister Hanna.

This caught the attention of Outkick’s David Hookstead, who feels that Cavinder might be onto something.

Hanna and Haley Cavinder via Cavinder Twins YouTube, screenshot

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“I’ve often said there’s one measure women should judge potential husbands by, and it’s very simple,” said Hookstead. “Do you believe the guy is going to be an asset if you hear a bump in the night? Will he get the job done against a potential threat?”

Hard to argue about that. The question is though, isn’t this what women want? Why does this statement of preference alone get people up in arms in the first place? Something that needs to be pointed out is the modern state of manhood.

Men today in America are more obese than their grandfather’s generation, less likely to be hands on and ready to do manual work, and have had a noticeable amount of their testosterone decreasing across the generations compared to men a hundred years ago. You don’t need to be Tucker Carlson to see something is happening with dudes — it seems like dudes are turning into chicks emotionally, and physically.

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Testosterone levels decreasing in the west have been noticed by scientists and have many wondering what is going on.

According to a report from the New York Post, women might say they want a man who’s a feminist and all those other things you see on talk shows, but in reality, their standards are much higher when you get down to it:

“In 2021, SwipeStats.io found that women swipe more than men overall, but are far more selective when doing so. They found the average female user receives about three matches per day while the median male user receives about one match and receives about seven messages per day while usually only sending five.”

As Hookstead said of Cavinder’s preference for men that are men, “there’s no bigger red flag than a man who is soft. It’s basic biology, folks. Men are built to be providers and defenders. If you’re not, then what’s the inherent biological value?”

Do you agree with the premise or was this tangent a lesson in looking way too deep into things? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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