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Former Packer Aaron Rodgers’ exodus from the land of cattle and cheese was a rather bizarre one, to say the least. It was enough of a culture shock to leave Green Bay – the NFL‘s smallest market – to the biggest city in America. All through the twists and turns of his tumultuous trade, you could just tell this thing still wasn’t over. Even after the QB has already been entrenched in The City That Never Sleeps, some folks back in the cheesehead country are still a little miffed.

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Jack’s American Pub is the hostelry of haters who are rooting for the downfall of the 39-year-0ld QB, who spent the previous 18 years in Green Bay before making his way to NYC this season. Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to 31-25 victory over the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Because of his on-field heroics and outgoing personality, he became an icon and a fan favorite of Cheeseheads everywhere.

Those days however have melted away, and if the living legend’s exit from Green Bay didn’t already make fans want to drink more? Jack’s is giving them an extra incentive.

The Wisconsin watering hole advertises itself on its Twitter page as, “A professional drinking establishment for beer barons, bootleggers and patriots”, and is offering football fans an interesting wager: Bet the Jets every week and go to this bar. If they win, your bet pays for your tab. If they lose, the bar pays your tab.

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With those kinds of odds? Expect the beer to be flowing freely at Jack’s, where they are strictly a part of Packer Nation.

There ARE a couple of catches in the speakeasy’s offer. You have to open your tab 15 minutes before the Jets game and stay at the bar to watch the whole game. Aaron Rodgers must be starting for the promotion to kick in, and the Jets must lose for patrons to get their tabs paid for. Also, bargoers must be present for the entire game.

Even so, expect the place to be packed with those who will want to razz Rodgers, who is looking to take the Jats to the promised land for the first time since Super Bowl III. And if their former quarterback is able to deliver a Lombardi Trophy to The City That Never Sleeps? That will make Green Bay fans really want to drown their sorrows.

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